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    Help with Academic Transcript unsw

    For one's first graduate position, sure. However, if he goes for a graduate certificate and then articulates into a graduate diploma & masters, which is all very doable - he just would need to work in the grad cert and get a credit average (that's the standard), his masters transcript would be...
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    Feel so dumb, Try so hard but still not enough.

    Every post of yours indicates that you have a tiny penis and that no girls like you.
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    Help with Academic Transcript unsw

    Absolute crap. I love it when kids hear things and assume. Your brother will have trouble applying for masters degrees, but he'll likely be able to apply for graduate diplomas and graduate certificates if he wishes to do further study. At this stage, if he has no work experience anywhere, he...
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    Trust student2trader. They haven't let us down yet. Also, I'd go with anything that can lead you to your qualification or tickles your fancy. What's easy for others might not be for you and vice versa.
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    Transfer BEco@Usyd to BCom@UNSW

    Firstly, you need a distinction average or so to transfer into B Eco or B Com at UNSW. The B Eco isn't the same as the B Com anymore, so it makes a difference as to which degree you choose. You can major in what you want at UNSW. USYD is quite reputable in their B Eco so I don't really...
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    Quick question about enrolments

    Enrol in those 4. You don't have to like people have said, but it helps for your later subjects. Additionally, you get an extra semester to ponder about your other flexible cores and majors. The only reason you'd enrol differently would be if you were planning an actuarial studies major. There...
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    UNSW Roll Call 2012

    On my last semester, after changing degrees, taking time off to work fulltime, working fulltime and doing uni fulltime, it's been a long stretch... BA (economics + international relations). So glad I dropped the science side of my degree :) & I've already received (and started the acceptance...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    In response to the bit in bold - this is untrue. You're not screwed if you only did general in year 12. The ridiculously basic level of calculus in this course isn't going to be of much concern to you. If you only did general in year 12, there are a number of things you can do to make your...
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    Human Resource Management at UNSW

    1. Sure, but there are also male teachers out there as well as male nurses. Who cares? I guess if OP is a guy, it's great for meeting women if he is straight. 2. Yep, true. 3. Everything is easy in first year.
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    Transferring from BComm/arts to Bcomm after the 1st Year.

    Actually, you don't get in trouble for not following degree rules. As long as prerequisites are met for the chosen subjects, they can be completed. It's just that if you do subjects outside your degree plan they might not be counted. The university doesn't get people in trouble for it because...
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    Racial spread

    I've been at UNSW on and off since 2007, really. I've learned one thing - it is really faculty dependent. It's also quite class or group dependent. I've had classes comprising of only white australians and myself (I'm white but I'm not Australian, nor was I born here). I've also had classes...
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    Recommendations as to whether a laptop is beneficial

    What if you do something in science that's... *gasp* not math? :o
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    How the F do you do this

    There are great websites to help you with this type of thing - one such is wolfram alpha, and if that fails - try ultimate calculators. Google and you shall find. Additionally, your textbook should be of relevance? I'm surprised the kid did the first attempt for you... If you're getting the...
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    Urgent - Can this course be done as a "free option"???

    Free options are a course of the ASB. Things like Mgmt2725 etc. Easy/no prerequisites, or prerequisites you have filled. The definition of free option is posted on the ASB website somewhere, I remember reading it. They should call them "ASB elective" or something less confusing. ArtsXXXX can...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    This post confirms my opinion. :)