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  • Hey, sorry i haven't replied earlier, i haven't been using BOS much lately. The reason I haven't uploaded the ITI notes is because they have a lot of diagrams and as such the file is too large to submit.

    Ive emailed you the notes, though (s2hayden@hotmail.com). Hope they help.
    naww maybe your teachers just mark hard ?
    i didn't really try that hard up to half yearlies but now im starting to push myself more . Hills is still the same , totally sports orientated and like no academic support :mad: . i tryed to transfer to st mary's senior at the end of year 11 but they had no spots :(
    hmm would you call coming first in everything kicking ass ? :p
    hows the newcastle area going ?
    haye Hayden :) of course i remember you buddy .
    Things are gooood , fed up with the HSC . So everythings normal lols , whats ya doing ?
    what's done?
    Don't tell me you're giving ALL of your social networking away...
    what is your timetable like? good? :)
    YES! THAT'S EXACTLY how i felt about commerce when i realised what it really was!
    haha =] well, i think they should have personalities! [physics would be the boring old man whose bones creak as he shuffles along in a huge overcoat. oh wait, i just realised you do phys, i probably shouldn't diss it too much x)]. and eco does sound more modern and dynamic! and.. it makes you understand more about how the world works, and makes you feel like you're a part of it. part of something.. bigger! :) [i'm tiny, so i like feeling like i'm part of something big ^^].

    oh! haha, i'll pm it ^^ [except i barely ever come on ><". and i shouldn't be on now. in fact, i need to get off bos too, RIGHT NOW. i have a 4u assessment due tomorrow which i'm only halfway through T____T. okay. i'm getting off right now. right now. right.... naaaow. yes. ttyl :)]
    [THEY CUT ME OFF AGAIN. or maybe i shouldn't ramble so much o_O]
    [i only just found out the other day that commerce was not in fact the course that i really wanted to do, it was economics. so all my beautifully planned back-up courses have gone out the window. i guess it serves me right for not having researched it all properly T_T. but YEAH, eco>comm :D]
    sorry, what was that about msn? was it a 'let's share msn!' invite, or er just a random comment? sorry, my complete lack of skills when it comes to talking to other people means i have trouble understanding them sometimes ><"
    OMG BOS WORKS!! it wasn't working this whole past week and a bit and i was so depressed >_<.
    ANYWAY. back to that conversation which seemed so long ago ; MY GOD YOU FREAK. to think of maths in that way! i guess it's kind of awe-inspiring in a way. but- nah, more freaky x] (i see it more as a torturer holding me captive in a musty dungeon filled with pointy silver objects sculptered in a such a way as to cause the most bodily pain possible. yeah. x]).
    awww, you should have continued with 4u english, teacher or no teacher! actually no, probably best you didn't. it's painful. it seemed like the most fun thing in the world back in year 11, but now i wish it would just disappear. or write itself ;] but no, my major work isn't that accomodating >>. i think it hates me just as much as i hate it o_O
    OOH. i didn't know that eco/comm was only 4 years. that's pretty good.
    (so bos thinks they can cut my message off, DO THEY?!)
    (continued)...but then it doesn't offer the degree of mathematical depth a comm course combined with economics does. bahh i'm going round in circles x] but whatever you do, you know for sure you won't be spending as much time studying as a med student would be x] we can take solace in that :p
    pehh. if by talented you mean 'fluking good results a minutely greater amount of times than bombing out', then, why yes, i am ;]. but baahh. no, the reason i'm worried is because my english marks are quite volatile. they could be lovely, they could be dismal. as opposed to chem and maths which i always know i'm going to get raped in x]. gives one a feeling of security actually, now that i think about it x].
    speaking of maths, you're one of those suicidal creatures taking mx2! how is it you're still alive?!
    your sig! tis cool x] i watched a youtube video on how to make that bow in the hols. only thing is, i don't have enough hair lols .__.
    hehe. there's absolutely no shame in wanting to, as you put it, earn filthy amounts of money, and knowing exactly how to get there, no shame at all x]
    political economy was the arts major i was looking at too ^^
    oooh french ;] and aside from being a beautiful language, i guess being bilingual can only help your shameless climbing of the corporate ladder right? x] pretty cool.
    hmmm, well. i suppose for the type of career you want, that major wouldn't really be necessary too. but then again, it can never hurt to know more. i guess if i were you, i'd devote an extra year or two to more study (bahh, inbuilt asian work ethic >_<), but i guess it'll ultimately just depend on whatever you feel like doing x).
    but then again, wait. if you were thinking of doing eco/comm, that's 5 years, right? but liberal comm is only 4 years.
    lol >_<;".
    wish they would just give us everything in one go. it's positively evil, stretching out the suspense over a week or so. we're still waiting on 2u and 3u english. word on the street is that we won't get them back till thursday. which, incidentally, is the cross country carnival. double torture :D.
    i suppose. but still T_T;;. BUT NO. must look forward! i shall pep-talk myself into optimism :)
    lols, i must say, i did get a bit confused o_O you...want to do 2 arts majors, but don't want to do arts at all? explain lol x]
    abkdgaffaerrr. getting mod essay back tomorrow. the one i wrote in a state of temporary insanity. i don't even remember what i wrote in it o_O. hope the teacher was in a good mood whilst marking it :p
    i have 'here comes the sun' playing in head o__o. here comes the sun, little darling. here comes the sun, i say, it's all right. do do do do. =D
    YOU STOPPED WRITING IN CAPITALS. wait. there is no earthly reason for that to bother me o__o. erm, ignore random outburst.
    -offers hug- for the feeling dead on inside due to exam results ): (i can relate. received chem theory. got raped). i'm sure they weren't all that bad though ^^. you're smart ^^. i can tell ^^.
    pehhh. i think i'm going to have to study for a gazillion years whether i like it or not >>. thinking about giving up on undergrad law, in light of my horrendous maths and chem marks. might have to do graduate (having done hopefully B commerce liberal studies - it sounds more fun than just commerce and eco! you should think about it!) - total: 7 years. yay T_T.

    iBanking sounds awesome xD
    (late reply, been down with the plague).
    yes, but unfortunately humanitarianism doesn't pay all that well >>"
    i really don't understand why you can't save the world and be a millionare at the same time >_o
    i actually would really like to take arts, but nerdy as it sounds, i like eco too much to not study it in uni. if only we could take a triple degree. if only it didn't, you know, KILL the person taking it >_<;".
    OOH. comm/eco sounds good :) [it's my second option ^^]. usyd's sandstone is overrated. i admit, i was in love with it for a while, but you get over it. maybe i'll see you at unsw one day. ^^;. if i survive this year x_x.
    excuse my ignorance but, what be iBanking?
    Pffftt... Skip it, just once! Stef wants to see you, I want to meet you, and you want to meet Alex :D (he's cuddly and lovely!)
    Hi. The BoS Fags are having a meetup on the 17th of April (this Saturday) at 2 Pm by the QVB, Near the statue and the dog fountain, and I thought I'd invite you incase Stef hadn't already. If you don't know any of us personally, wear a red T-shirt, so we can spot you out easier. Hope you can make it :]
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