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    Anyone else not memorizing?

    Memorising essays is stupid, don't bother, if you know your techniques well and how they fit into the text as a whole then you should be fine.
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    What are the laws regarding forcing students to drop to general subjects?

    What are your marks like? Maybe look into getting a private tutor, if your family can afford it.
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    Hamlet will be the death of me

    Don't be scared about Hamlet, there's like a million things you can use for any question they throw at you. The text is so complex in some respects that you can use an idea in multiple contexts. Just write a well structured essay and you'll be fine. And to all those memorising essays, good...
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    Raw Marks for First in course

    nah he probably just studied all day and night IQ doesn't mean too much
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    Starting your major work before year 12

    fuck tha police do it, start now, get your ideas flowing i beleeb in you
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    Any chance to redeem my ATAR?

    i went to a school ranked about 33, and i was in the middle of the cohort, for most subjects, and i got 91.70 so i dunno use that as a guide. oh and my subs were 3unit math, adv english, bio, physics, and pe.
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    Is this true?

    ooops thats what i meant uni entry is based on supply and demand. they rank everyone who wants to get into a course by there atar, and the top X number of students get in, so that happens all at once, you only get one offer, so as long as your atar is high enough for any one of your entries...
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    Wollongong or Macquarie University? Help!

    yiew the shire! i'm a shire boy, i'd pick Macquarie though, wollongong let anyone in, not to say that they don't teach well, but it deducts from your achievments when people with atars of 50 are doing the same degree as you i'd do B Commerce at MQU, maybe with a second major in finance, or...
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    Is this true?

    if it's the first round offer, and you don't have an atar high enough for your first 5 preferences, but do have a high enough atar for your 6th preference, you will get your 6th preference
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    Changing essays before trials?

    Do you think it'll do you better? I didn't have a set essay for english, so I can't say I'd know if it would make a big difference.
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    Atar Estimate

    I'd say low to mid 80ies, just keep pushing those ranks up.
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    UNSW Semester 1 2012 marks

    Who's ready? what's everyone hoping for this sem? I'm hoping to just pass a couple of subs, they were too hard, argh, hopefully get some credible marks on others.
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    UNSW commerce academic credit

    I'd contact the Australian School of Business directly, they'll give you everything you need to know.
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    imo 2012

    yiew go australia but russia, usa, china will probs win
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    just do it by inspection