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Recent content by mserica

  1. mserica

    Results Discusssion

    Re: Results Discusssion - Results so far and predictions Soon my friend you will adopt the attitude of P's= Degrees, your marks are fine, it means you dont have to go back and do it again!
  2. mserica

    Results Discusssion

    Yep, I am graduating FINALLY as a part time student it feels like i have been waiting a while for this day. Major bummer that i dont get to go to graduation though :(, I was kind of looking forward to that!
  3. mserica

    Results Discusssion

    Pass and Distinction - SO GLAD I DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK!
  4. mserica

    Results Discusssion

    PSY307- Hoping for PC!!! HRM317 - CR or D
  5. mserica

    Hints for passing units

    I could have read this forum earlier about psych exams... my ORG Psych Exam was crap crap crap and now i think i failed :(
  6. mserica

    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 Selling BBA111- Organisational Behaviour: 30.00 PSY104/105 - Introduction to Psychology: 30.00 PSY234 - Beneath the Mask: 80.00 PSY234 - Personality Psychology: 50.00 BUSL350 - Marketing Law: 20.00 PSY307 - Organisational Psychology in Australia and NZ...
  7. mserica

    I got a distinction, but not an actual mark.

    I wouldn't even be questioning my mark if it was a D, its a D. Either way that's a good result!
  8. mserica

    Stereotypes of students from different faculties

    accounting and HR.... now thats an odd mix, what is it exactly you hope to do once you graduate???
  9. mserica

    Stereotypes of students from different faculties

    hahahaha.. Im in HR and completely agree with your stereotypes!
  10. mserica

    Draft Exam Timetable

    Monday 15th June Tuesday 23rd June ...now lets hope they stay that far apart!!
  11. mserica

    HRM317 - Management of Change and Learning

    Is anyone doing HRM 317 this semester??
  12. mserica

    Distance Education

    ..So I have heard a few things about distance education and Charles Sturt, just wondering if anyone has undertaken post graduate studies via distance? Thanks
  13. mserica

    Check your email..

    Check your email..
  14. mserica

    BBA340 Cross-cultural management

    I did this course 100% remotely... was stressing out majorly cause the mid term almost everyone got a P and significant got a PC, then for the major assessment average mark again was a P!... Some how managed to pull of the exam... As for workload, there isnt an excessive workload but they are...