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  • Absolutely - I thought you were strictly asking about majors. Personally, I preferred the first course MATH1151 to MATH1251 (second). Both are fantastic though. A nice introduction to the difficulty/rigour you can expect later.
    Probably the two best "first year" subjects are FINS1613 (business finance) and ACTL1001 (introductory actuarial subject). Very indicative of major.
    Not really - the actuarial major has I think 8 actuarial courses. The quant major has 2. Doing quant, you can't become an actuary...(unless you do actl/quant which a LOT of people are doing). Quant is math school and actl is business school - fundamentally different.
    Well, I'm doing Finance/Quantitative Risk. To be perfectly honest, this is how it works:

    Every Tom/Dick/Larry who wants to get into the financial sector will hold a Commerce degree majoring in finance. Some lucky few will have this combined with Adv. Mathematics, a degree the financial sector highly values (because it demonstrates that you have the ability of higher order thinking). However, if you do actuarial studies, you further demonstrate that you have an exceptional analytic ability. The difference in difficulty between finance and actuarial studies is immense. Why am I not doing actuarial studies? Because I think it would take up a lot more of my time and would be difficult to cope with. I'm also far more interested in what's taught in finance than what's taught in the actuarial school. Life contingencies don't interest me at all.
    Hey there. Commerce/Adv. Math is quite an interesting degree (thus far). I'm only in second year though, so I can't comment all that much. What majors are you considering? First year was genuinely very bludgy and you shouldn't have any issues maintaining a 70+ WAM. With an average amount of work I am on 80.625 as an example. Understand though that you will be doing mathematics subjects for the rest of your degree. Mind you this math isn't quite like high school - lecturers move extremely quickly and a lot of individual work needs to be done. Further, if you are considering doing actuarial studies (which is quite difficult) even more time needs to be put into study. Any other questions, feel free to ask =)
    Well, I'm waiting for my marks. If you saw the thread I made "Is it hard to get 70 WAM?", the comments were varied.

    I shall find out my marks on July 13 - so... then I can determine how easy or difficult it is to get 70. But right now, I don't know.
    Oh hai - yes, I do Comm/Adv. Maths. I can't really tell you everything about the course... I don't have room!

    But it's a 5 year course, Honours included, and your Adv. Maths major is one of statistics, pure maths or applied - or, if your marks are high enough - you get invited to Quantitative Risk. I don't do that, and to me - it seems that Quant Risk and Actuarial are essentially the same and you may feel you're learning the same stuff (I could be wrong so probably ask around)

    For Commerce you have your standard 'core' units of things like Economics and Accounting - and then an elective core that includes Accounting 1B and more in-depth stuff or other areas of Commerce like marketing. For the Science component, you have to do this subject called 'SCIF' - which is an epic bludge (I can write all day about it), where you do jigsaw puzzles and personality quizzes to try and "become a better scientist by learning about how people work" or something.
    that's the plan! haha yess, that would be so awesome :3
    lol oh lawd, i'm terrible when it comes to replying to wall posts >.<
    your avatar is cool, but super creepy hahaha i think i would cry if i saw it standing outside my window at night XD
    Ok haha well you have a lifetime to figure that out :) s'all good

    Animal Science ^.^ it's pretty sweet

    Also, sorry about the late reply lol I thought I had already responded
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