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  • interrresting i'll youtube them later :)
    and yeah bon jovi's awesome, good to air guitar to :p
    ooo right. well i thought it looked like a car so close enough i guess :D
    you know what's strange.. i don't think i've heard a beatles song.. well i think i've heard one or two but i don't actually KNOW any. what's your favourite song of theirs?
    ahh smarty pants :)
    well nice random, i wish i could make a smart comment about your avatar but i have no idea what it is, care to explain? :D
    yeah it is a relief that we have no more school masses. we had ours on thursday and in the morning we had a homeroom/tutor group breakfast (maccas) :) and after that there was our liturgy and after the litergy we had our presentation ceremony and later that evening we had our graduation. One of our SRC leaders made me cry in his speech. hows the hsc study going?
    LOL that took me a minute to register, i thought you were just being a nice random wishing me a nice day, i got all warm and fuzzy inside :p
    oh coool alright my schools in the parramatta diocese
    i go to loyola senior high in mt druitt
    yeah i agreee its all about case studies
    we had a valete night which was our formal graduation ceremony, we did a liturgy instead of a school mass
    my graduation ball/formal is on the 27th november?
    where is yours at?
    yeah i googled your school name wagga wagga hey
    im from the inner west of sydney
    if u heard of penrith im live near there
    almost same subjects
    i do SOR 1, PDHPE, IPT, business studies, advanced english general maths:)
    business studies is the 1st exam :(
    have u's had ur graduation and formal yet?
    hey im alright
    just panicing about the hsc
    im so unprepared
    but ill manage?
    what high school do you go to?
    ahh very nice

    well, I hope lol
    we dont find out our marks for each section.. it all just gets mashed together :(
    haha, yeah, I need to study so much so badly.. however I have an excuse at the moment, I have a cold and I sound like a man! :p

    what's your excuse this week?
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