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    Rules for Customers

    I hate to burst your bubble but its the exact opposite here at Cranbourne. The bogans are the really shit customers, ecspecially in SS (they have no patience) and its usually the people with some class and dignity that are willing to listen and converse in a...normal manner without the need to...
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    Israel–Gaza conflict

    Shocking cynicism of a poisoned homeland - Opinion - Good read from an unbiased Jewish viewpoint.
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    The Woolworths Thread

    It requires alot of patience on my part, it really is mind-boggling how stupid some people can be when trying to use a self-serve checkout and then they get all shitty at me when I'm trying to help them. Its not that hard to wait till the light turns green, remove your bag, wait a tad then keep...
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    The Woolworths Thread

    Just got offered a PPT after 2 months, but all the shifts are self-serve (I loatheeeee self-serve, having recurring shifts everyday of the week at SS does not do you any good) so is there any way I can negotiate some of the times (Fri 4:30-7:30; Sat 3:30-8:30) and shifts to be changed to...
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    Rules for Customers

    Working at Safeway has made me stereotype people so bad. Eg. If I see a scruffy looking bogan who can't string a coherent sentence together without the word 'mate' I know he's going to be a rude bastard who doesn't say hi. Asians are the cheapest people in the world, and will stare at the...
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    Why is it that most 'hot' girls are dumb or skank?

    sounds like the muslim preacher telling a girl to cover up or she will be seen as a piece of meat.
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    Lonely...........worth it?

    hey i've seen people with down syndrome who have pretty attractive girlfriends, the point i'm trying to make is cheesy and shit as it sounds, its what on the inside that matters and don't force yourself to be somebody your not, because if you do end getting a girlfriend that way, what are...
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    Age Difference

    fuck i just realised how close-minded most of the guys on this forum are and how they get all defensive when they're proven wrong and start hurling insults/belittling people. fat shits.
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    Most Beautiful Women

    Why on earth is Adriana Lima not on there..and Ziha Yhang is wtf?! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the person who listed these woman is insane for not putting her down :(
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    The Woolworths Thread

    I didn't have either so I brought in some photo id and my most recent school report. If you don't have those maybe a learners permit?
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    The Greatest Book Ever Written

    To Kill a Mockingbird - Nelle Harper Lee. How she wrote the book in a Southern voice, from a child's point of view was a hard task in itself..but I was engrossed in each characters emotions and it was all so believable and genuine. Classic.
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    So...I watched Twilight...

    ohohoh, that cedric diggory kid from HP is edward..*dies*
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    where do you work?

    Woolworths, service cashier. Its suprisingly quite fun, depending on the people your working with, few girls I've gotten close with even take me clubbing (I'm turning 17) so yeah, its a good environment to meet new people plus if your around friends (assuming you've made some) it doesn't even...
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    Friends of the opposite sex

    You've taken the word shallow to a whole new meaning. So if some 'ugly girl' had passed out on the road or something, you wouldn't help her because she's ugly? Just an example, but thats low....
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    How often do you wank/masturbate/jizz/toss (boys and girls)

    Why are you telling him/her to shutup, he/she brings up a valid point..not in the right thread