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  • Indeed, I now have to eat you. Or you have two choices, complete 20 past papers in under a week and get 90% at least in each then I shall spare your deliciousness or option two, dinner time!
    You do not have to. I have it on a physical textbook, however I carry 6-10 texts to school each day and I want to reduce the weight on me. Cheers anyway.
    It's LaTeX code, if you're already fluent in LaTeX typesetting language then you can simply enclose it in [.tex] and [./tex] tags without the full stops.

    If you don't know LaTeX then use this,, when you're done copy the code and wrap it [.tex] and [./tex] tags without the full stops.

    e.g. [.tex]y=x^2[./tex]
    Hey, I just realised my inbox was full (we're only allowed to store 200 PMs), if you've sent me any messages since last night then I haven't received it. Anyway, it would be better to message me here since there's no limit to the amount of visitor comments I can have.
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