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  • sorry im new at this PM? and also do you have paypal cause if you do i can pay you through that and you can mail the stuff to me or if u dont have paypal i can make a bank deposit :)
    i would like to get
    1x A self compiled, bound book complete with interview information, tips and UMAT practice papers with worked solutions.This book is approximately 1500pages in length.
    1x English - Module B Pack (HAMLET) (Contains notes, exam notes, essays, trial papers + tips package)
    1x English - Module A Pack (FRANKENSTEIN + BLADERUNNER) (Contains notes, exam notes, essays, trial papers, audio book + tips package)
    1x English - AOS Belonging Pack (Contains notes, exam notes, essays, trial papers + tips package)
    1x extension 1 math EXCEL SUCCESS ONE (2010 Edition + 2010 and 2011 Paper with Solutions) - Past papers and solutions from 1992-2011. ~Pascal Press
    1x EXCEL (2010 Edition) - Success One Chemistry (Past Papers Book) ~Pascal Press
    and I was wondering if you could do it for $120
    They all come from Sydney or somewhere for undergrad i seen alot of them when walking to school in their black Mercedes. Even if you don't make it for undergrad you are in with a good shot at mature age you could just do another degree then work and do dentistry after which is what i plan to do.
    Trust me it won't be that hard to get in, i've seen alot of people over 21 get in piss easy they don't even fit the 'intelligent' type.
    Heh, i get you...just think of the satisfaction you'll get when you see a good mark at the end of all this ;P
    You too br8. Chem should be an easy 91. And that's all I'm aiming for. :)
    Keeping my expectations low because everything else has turned out so shit. :/

    EDIT: Holy shit, I got 91! HAHAHA
    I knew LASIK back to front but I fucked up the correction of myopia which is what you had to compare it to. :/
    I used bat, human and whale too! And then I changed whale to dolphin so I could lie about hunting. Lol
    Yeah, I knew everything too, but I didn't make a logical progression of ideas, which is the criteria separating 5-6 and 7. :/

    Yeah, I don't think so. I know like every dot-point they didn't ask back-to-front. Oh well... :/
    I forgot the neuron completely so I tried to think about it and I talked to my friend and apparently I was right. 3/3 :)
    I forgot the numbers for action potentials. :( 2/4
    I knew cornea stuff. :) 2/2
    I confused convex and concave lenses. 1-2/3
    I forgot my mammals so I made it up on the spot. :/ 2-4/6
    I think I did okay in the ear think but I was a bit mumbly and rambly so I'm gonna say 5-6/7
    So - 15-19/25. I'm pretty disappointed, considering I got 24/25 in my half yearly for a missing heading on a table for communication (and that was a difficult test. It had pretty much the same question on hearing aids and cochlear implants in it :)). :/
    I'm not gonna bother reading the solutions. I just took all the marks that I can possibly lose and came up with around 50
    haha ikr.

    I'm looking forward to Chem and Phy, because I actually enjoy the subjects and my internal ranking is awesome.
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