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    Virginia Woolf/ Albee - Need urgent help, all old threads closed

    For Albee's text, get the Brody's notes (they are not hsc-related but are focused on the text) for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. They discuss dramatic techniques like tableau really well. :) Also. I've written up some posts on Woolf/Albee here: Hope this helps :)
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    HSC resource blog

    Hi guys, I've recently started a resource blog called "Code HSC", with notes/tips for the HSC exams. It doesn't have terribly much yet but I will be adding to it more in coming days, and will be happy to post things relating to my subjects. Have a look and maybe you will find it useful. :)...
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    2010'ers, can we get our journals back?

    OMGLOL saaaaaaaaaaaaaame. XD Keeping a journal was such a paiiiiiiiin. I wanted to just write, write, and write some more. Creatively, not those pesky reflections/annotations. I will be glad never to set sights on that thing again.
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    Macquarie University

    Macquarie cut-offs aren't ridiculously high but they're still tough - 97.10 for Law/International Studies, which is what I'm planning on doing next year. Also, sidenote: George Williams, the Foundation Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre @ UNSW (where he is also a professor) went to MQU...
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    Macquarie University

    The Wiggles went to MQ! Well, 3 of them anyway. The yellow, red and blue ones.
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    Reputation or scholarship?

    This is my situation too, kind of! I've been offered two scholarships to do Arts/Law at UWS (both $5000 p/year, but I can only take one, I think... it's the Year 11 one and the Academic Excellence one) but I don't know whether I should go to UWS on a scholarship, or go to Macquarie on no...
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    So who got into the Young Writers Showcase?

    WOOOOT! Yay! Congraaaaaaats! So, what's it called (so I can keep an eye out)? =D
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    So who got into the Young Writers Showcase?

    Thank youuuu nutcracker! ^__^ It's called "Esse est non percipi" and it's in the MW showcase thread here on bos. But it's only been nominated... we don't hear about final selections until "later in 2011", according to the letter. Anyways, so excited! XDD edit: Thanks Shadowdude! And a lot of...
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    So who got into the Young Writers Showcase?

    I just got it in the mail today! (Btw, the letter is dated 15th Dec, but I only just received it...) Am very excited. I seriously cannot believe all of this stuff is happening for EE2. Most of my suite was home-made (lots of Google, and post-its from my teacher saying "get rid of this comma!" or...
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    Share Your Ext 2 Eng Results

    Third in the state. I just found out about the rank at 5pm... I'm OVER THE MOON. I was hoping for 40+, but never expected this! (Because more than one person gets 50, BOS ranks them according to their EE1 mark.) Congrats, kiniki - I'm sure you'll get one. ^____^ *hopes for one too*
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    Share Your Ext 2 Eng Results

    Somehow, I got a 50! I could not believe it. It was 6am and I was half asleep and trembling from nerves and... BAM. 50. *is still excited* ^_______^ Congrats everyone on the amazing scores! But then again, a number can never really sum up the degree of effort/time/self/etc poured into this...
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    2 English (Advanced) 91/100 91/100 91 6 1 English Extension 1 46/50 46/50 46 E4 1 English Extension 2 50/50 50/50 50 E4 2 Legal Studies 96/100 95/100 96 6 2 General Mathematics 88/100 95/100 92 6 2...
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    Is there ANYONE doing Virginia Woolf/Albee?

    Yes, I'm doing it! I found A Room Of One's Own quite a struggle to get through - Woolf, get to the point! I enjoyed reading the play though, and I wish that we could've studied it as a text for English Extension 1 - the 'After the Bomb' elective, specifically. It deserves to be studied as a Cold...