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Recent content by SashatheMan

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    How much do you have in bank?

    About 35K in my off-set account. but then again I am old and have been working full time for the last 4 years.
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    Hobo students

    I didn't know about clubbing. But i heard there are lots of students who do all nighters at uni. They sleep a bit in between studying at the campus.
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    Project Management and the Professional

    Yes. find a competent partner for the group assignment. For the final exam, use quotes from the lecturer and guest lecturers. Use their examples when answering question. and do NOT just write as much as you know about the topic ie information dump. That's where yuo get marked down hard.
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    Project Management and the Professional

    Who has done this subject? Project Management and the Professional I passed it today. But this is the second time i am doing it. Really didn't like the the way it is run. The marking criteria is really skewed. If you don't follow the precise method of doing the final exam, you are...
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    2010 - Semester 2 results

    Just checked my exam results. They are out. I passed yey
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    You got me.
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    2010 - Semester 2 results

    Who knows when the semester exam results are going to be out?
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    Indonesia foils Islamic plot on Danish embassy

    They still remember that ? I would have thought they would be bombing crap for newer reasons.
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    Shock poll as Labor support slides

    These polls shouldn't be trusted too much,.
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    Julia Gillard new Prime Minister

    What does she stand for? any good sources? Wikipedia has a tiny article on her? What kind of social issues does she stand for that differ from Rudd?
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    Kevin07 Post Mortem

    Could have been the voter disattisfaction. At some point having Rudd around becomes a burden to the party.
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    Julia Gillard new Prime Minister

    Can someone give me some disadvantages of Julia Gillard? what don't you like about her? i don't know enough to comment on her. Do you think Labor has a better chance of winning the election now or it's more certain that the Liberals will win?
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    Campbell quits as NSW transport minister over gay club scandel

    Hey at least he wasn't some Morally high conservative railing against homosexuals, but then getting busted being one. Happens on a monthly basis in American politics.
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    Evangelists rewrite Texan curriculum

    They can't teach creationism in public classrooms. There was a court order for that. Intelligent design lost recently as well. They are now concentrating on new tactics though to push the agenda.
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    Islamics: Threat to South Park creators posted on website

    Ddin't they already make an episode about this around the time of the Danish cartoon incident.