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    Wait til Friday

    I was planning to wait in case i got good marks in my subjects but a low uai cause then i would be more disapointed...but now i'm not sure if i can wait that extra day, especially if all my friends check theirs and want to talk about it!
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    What Did You Think Of The Exam?

    It was alright...I didn't like the last question on the core section though. Also, it was really short! I walked out with about 50 minutes to go, and about 6 or 7 people had left before me. In the end there were only 4 people left!
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    Hmm mines a bit different. I got (c) for q.2...but that was a guess cause i knew lots of the presbyterians left after a while. For 4. i got (a) cause i had never heard of the torrens title system and for 7 i got (d) cause i thought that was the most right out of the last two.
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    Sparta Section:

    Yep that geography question sucked! I didn't know the names of any...I just described. The Periokoi one was sorta hard cause I didn't really have many sources on them and one was the one they gave us...
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    ees revision work

    Ooh thanks for that site! It's got some stuff on the options:)
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    who has sor as their last exam?

    Yep except for the 25 of us at my school who do e and e science!:mad:
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    EES pracs!!!!!!!

    If the prac question is anything like the one in the bio exam then we've got nothing to worry'll probably be able to pretty much make it up
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    ahh crap i did from the top but now i'm not so sure. But then isn't a sideways one called longitudenal or something? or am i getting that mixed up with maths?
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    Multiple Choice - Answers

    Bugger Any answers for any of the other questions yet?
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    Multiple Choice - Answers

    But--isn't it still 1/200 cause of the 200 tickets that were sold, one of them is going to get second prize? Otherwise the chance of coming last (hypothetically; if there were prizes for every place) would be 1/1. I'm confusing myself...any thoughts?
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    Multiple Choice - Answers

    For 18 I can't remember if I got b or c, but my working is different. P(first prize) is 1/200 P(second prize) is also 1/200? because she only bought one ticket and we're not trying to work out her chances of getting first AND second prize? well that's what i think anyway. sooo working is...
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    Multiple Choice - Answers

    If the population is 100, then it increases by 20 so then it's 120. The next yr it decreases by 10% of 120, ie. 12, so the then it's 108 Therefore the population has increased by 8%
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    Mobile Phone in Exam

    Hey exactly the same thing happened in our bio exam except the girl didn't walk out and nothing happened to her. Apparently the supervisors couldn't tell whose phone it was, but everyone knew lol!
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    the individual in society

    Oh God i only did one Browning poem! I meant to also do the Laboratory and talk about science but i got a bit carried away with Pride and Prejudice and forgot ahhh do you think it will matter?!!
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    Multiple Choice - Answers

    Oops I did get b for 20! Thanks for the working for 21, I don't know why I didn't get that one, i went over about 4 times too! Anyone know about q.7?