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Spiritual Being
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  • Hey,
    Eager to know how your speech went.
    I'm quite sure you'll attain a mark in the mid-high B's - 12-13/15
    nah our firsr assesment is the half yearly, tbh i dont do much for sor, so havent really done anything

    thanks for the offer though
    LOL! I never thought of it that way, very original.
    Thanks, good luck to you too. We'll do uber well ^_^
    I'm so devo about my books having water damage was gonna resell but the rain had to be mean :/ That's life for you. Well. I'ma go finish up and get some sleep. TC and have an awesome rest of your week c:
    Haha, no worries! I liked what you had to say because it's actually true. Yeah, I have an open book essay worth 20% in two weeks for English (Booyah open book : D!) and for SOR, it's an examination, also worth 20%. I guess I'm trying to study earlier rather than later, some people can do it but I certainly can't. I need to relax a bit, I've been so overworked about getting the marks I want that I over-work myself, specially in my spare free periods. But, I do treat myself : D ! Neighbours and if I've done my studies I can do whatever for the remaining hours of the day until I go to sleep. <-- fails if you finish studying just before bed. What odds! :) Bah, are you good at speeches? I'm absolutely awful.
    T~T Sorry I didn't see the comment on my page.
    Yeah, pretty bored here aswell. Working on a practice essay and studying SOR atm.. I guess it's kinda fun since I really enjoy English and SOR. Tempted to youtube random stuff though xD !
    How about you?
    Ohs, sorry
    I wish I could help you out but I'm not that good at creative writing. >_<;

    * Eh and I'm kinda clueless on ideas for creative writing atm lol*
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