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Recent content by Spiritual Being

  1. Spiritual Being

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    Never did any work at uni. Tell me what the guy's name is. I think I know him.
  2. Spiritual Being

    How tall are you?

    9'6" 400 kilos guy called obliviousninja can confirm
  3. Spiritual Being

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    exhausted through overwork working 3-4 days a week and doing full time uni
  4. Spiritual Being

    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    There seems to be an overwhelming amount of "horror stories" on whirlpool (on law and life in general), where, and wait for the truly impossible situation, you'll have people who scored average marks in average (not go8) universities, wondering why in 2017 they can't find a job, in a field that...
  5. Spiritual Being

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    Why? Family and social pressures, not knowing what else to do and thinking that "law" sounds like an faultless plan because "society will always need lawyers", people who don't want to "waste" their high ATAR, those who think law is an interesting discipline (most of it is actually quite...
  6. Spiritual Being

    What do you guys take to uni?

    sometimes just phone and wallet, show up, listen to what's going on in tut and lecture, contribute and leave (sometimes print out work there) if I'm feeling highly motivated I'll bring a book tho
  7. Spiritual Being

    Study load UTS Business

    Four 6 credit point subjects is usually the standard, but it's not uncommon for students to have a 26 credit point semester either (i.e. one 8 credit, three 6). I think you'll be fine but if you're hesitant you can always drop one and stick with three (not sure if the same census date rules...
  8. Spiritual Being

    Need to know how to study...

    how do u afford that ferrari some cop asked me im a lawyer cuz
  9. Spiritual Being

    Haven't been doing too well in year 12, can I still get an atar of 75-80?

    if a guy who calls himself chestbrah can get 87 I'm sure u will b just fine
  10. Spiritual Being

    Intimate Experiences Thread

    met up with dis girl from tinder 3 months later saw her in a business lecture #trustory #uthoughturlifewasawkward
  11. Spiritual Being

    Need to know how to study...

    True, maybe the lecturer is your dad and he can just expand on the points in the comfort of your own home. Nah srsly it does depend on the subject hence I made the subsequent potential exception of first year subs. If your slides are just very basic content and you can just read the textbook...
  12. Spiritual Being

    Critique my physique

    Cool thread, he does give reasonable parameters re the adaptive component of our metabolism which is defs a nice respite from the conventional dieters culture. I dislike the metabolic slowdown thread on there, especially with all of those claiming to eat outrageously low calories but not lose...
  13. Spiritual Being

    Blit's Miscellaneous Maff's Question Thread

    10,000(1+0.025)^4 =11038.12891 (round up at the end) (compounded quarterly = 4, also divide interest rate by 4) 11038.12891 + 12,000 (since this is what is in your bank account the second year) = 23038.12891 23038.12891(1+0.025)^4 (same as above) = $25,429.78367 rounded to 25,429.78
  14. Spiritual Being

    Blit's Miscellaneous Maff's Question Thread

    Yeah this is just the annuity formula. You're working out a future value so use that formula. 1250 * ((1+0.07)^3 -1 / 0.07) = 4018.625 rounded to 4018.63 #mymajorisaccountingtho