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  • In response to your question, I am from the Riverina region, but I wont say exactly where though
    Hello there, Spriinkles!

    I would like to strongly recommend Bleach.
    It's one of those mainstream anime's that have like 200+ episodes.

    It has a great storyline and it really emphasizes values such as determination and friendship. Since the storyline is elaborate and (still) flourishing, it would require long-term commitment, as there are 200+ episodes.

    If you're looking for a shorter anime series (40 eps max) then I'd strongly recommend Death Note. My favourite anime!

    We can talk about this more in depth later.
    Maybe after School Certificate I can recommend you more XD
    Good luck with your studies.

    You've got the best dp, lol XDD
    Is that a badger?
    Yeah it does suck, but hopefully he comes back soon :D
    Yes, I have seen some of IT crowd. It's pretty good but i prefer the Big Bang Theory and of course it doesn't come close to Black Books XD

    First and favourite "classic" anime film by Hayao Miyazaki forevar and evarrr!!!

    Thanks for telling me, lol.
    Now since I know that you like anime, I have no choice but to befriend you!
    Which anime's are you currently watching?
    Well, the education and ambience are not that great. Despite some subjects because the teacher are of high regard and get the message across effictively. Hopefully I'll move schools, if I get accepted. LMAO :)
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