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  • 4U Eng and 4U Maffs? That's gonna be a heavy workload especially when combined with Physics and Chemistry xD Screw UMAT man, you can just go into dentistry which is just as mad as medicine and easier to get in if UMAT goes wrong... (not to mention the pay is daammmm gud)... I'm not even thinking about med, I'm mainly thinking about Commerce or Engineering related courses.... and if I'm crazy enuf, Actuarial Studies xD So how you gonna spend these holidays? Also, you comin' to X-Mas party?
    LOL, I'm wondering how you didn't make it to whatever shcools you tried out for xD Yeah, you definitely deserve a 3U English spot, 3U English and I were never meant to be I guess (IDK how I got offered a spot before)! You're taking on the most hardcore subjects next year xD Oh yeah, why you doing Jap beginners? Are you plannin to keep it til end of yr 12 or drop it?
    Hey Julie, what'd you get for SC?
    I got:
    English - 83 (Epic Fail)
    Mathematics - 96 (I got bloody 80 for trials xD)
    Science - 90 (65 for trials....)
    Geography - 93 (WTFFFF???!!!)
    Computing Skills - 93 (>>)
    Yeh i go to the brain at hurstville. The prices vary depending on whether you pay up front or weekly, payment methods are flexible which i find very good compared to places such as Matrix who made you pay a gazillion up front and the teaching wasn't too crash hot. At the brain though i dunno if it's me but i really enjoy it. The teachers are terrific and they really know their stuff and not just about the syllabus but also about how different schools such as mine marks. Their resources are really extensive and great too. I told my friends about it and they are joining next yr. Yeah so in my opinion if you can choose which place to go for english i would definitely pick the brain XD
    Heya fellow BOSer! What year are you in :)
    To answer your question, at the present, I am coping with my subjects at the moment. It does take time management though-I have to use my study periods effectively because I do have morning and afternoon classes (that seem to eat your day lol) for my offline subjects. But I am used to time management, I needed it in jnr school where I trained in ballet for almost 20 hrs a week, in addition to violin and drama. Now I only dance a few hours a week.

    Many people do stick with 13 units the whole way through-and if you are looking for a similar subject set example, I offer my sister-she did all the same subjects as me but swap my history ext with maths ext 1. She ended up with 96.5. I imagine doing 13 units with them on the timetable would probably be easier than my large offline load.
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