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    Thinking of doing Civil Eng w/ Architecture...Help

    Architecture is very subjective. It's one of those subjects where most of the time, the amount of work you do won't reflect your mark. 60% drop out rate from civil/arch to civil in 2nd year according to my friend. The amount of time you spend on arch is crazy. Pure arch is alright because less...
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    Are first years able to transfer in their first year?

    Just go back to your UAC details in high school, and change your preferences. I changed degrees half way thru the year too.
  3. such_such

    Advice for next sem

    If you're doing engineering, you dont do ECON1203 I believe - check course handbook.
  4. such_such

    Worried about WAM

    You actually never know how you'll go based on your class exams, assignments, etc. Your final plays a significant role so anything's possible at this stage.
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    How hard is Engineering compared to HSC

    Engo: Study smart not hard.
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    Adding Commerce to my undergrad engo degree

    My friend changed from Eng to Eng/Com via UAC after sem 1 so def apply! Also note there's no bonus points. If you didn't get at least close to the ATAR then IPT would be your next option.
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    Can I still drop and add a course now?

    You can't add courses tho.
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    Recommended civil engineering first electives

    Personally I went for MINE1010 & SOLA1070. No labs/no tutes & pretty interesting too. And MINE1010 is completely online for sem2 and summer. Both appealed to me just because there wasn't a lot of contact hours.
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    MATH1131: Attend lectures not enrolled in?

    Pahor or Brown is worthhhhhhhhhhhhh. Won't get clashes approved when you can choose an alternate time I think esp in first year.
  10. such_such

    Recommended ENGG1000 projects

    Do any of the civil ones if you want a good mark (bridge, EWB)
  11. such_such

    Assumed Knowledge Test Math1131

    Also most answers are Google-able or thru using wolframalpha, i.e. this test isn't worth anything.
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    Yes. Can confirm. Ex-UWS'er. It's more like system crashes everytime there's something important coming up/happening.
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    Med science vs science

    UWS have some places for internal transfer from med sci, so consider that too.
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    Main reasons to join clubs at uni?

    Networking for professional societies or if you want to become part of an executive team.
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    Hsc Physics needed in biomed?

    All engineering courses require you to do first year physics at least. It's very different from HSC physics and more similar to 4U as said above ^