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  • oh, what a studious person? LOL!
    yea, i'm going cos the majority of my group is going + i want to do something fun before i finish school.
    What's RICE? =S
    LOL! no need to be sorry.
    oh gosh! =O
    good luck with them!
    ummhzzz... i've been good. i think i have settled into yr11. It isnt so bad anymore.
    no, i dont have exams until next term
    BTW, are u going to Hosanna?
    Haha, thanks!
    I considered putting 'shifty' on the back of my jersey. But my eyes already do that for me...
    best two years of high school? Are u insane? =O
    Best yr of high school is yr7-10 when u pretty much do nothing xD
    so... how u been?
    Oh hi =)
    Thanks for asking. i HATE it ><
    The workload is insane!
    How's yr 12?

    BTW, i'm starting chem & physics tutoring @ Troung's. This man named David will be teaching me. u know him? =S
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