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  • hey nathan, i have asked those two about their contact details. i will let u know asap
    Hiii Nathan! =] Lolol I'm so bored.
    I hope you've been well! I'm sure you'll find a job soon. One that actually pays haha. Take care! =]]
    ahk awesome :D
    exams have been okayy, english= good, religion= annoying, 2u maths= good, 3u= stupid mistakes :(, and that's all so farr... guess they've been okay, not as scary as everyone makes them out to be.
    how about you??
    just think of ASX as equity financing, same disadvantages. dilution of control, loss of profit through dividends etc.

    grats tho! and yes i know i am a random and no you dont no me.
    What the fudge is a disadvantage of obtaining finance through the ASX? =[
    Otherwise it went pretty well. =]
    Fair Pay Australia? I have nothing on that. I'm sorryyyy. =[[
    The only thing I have on fair pay in relation to the new FWA is that they've established the BOOT (Better Off Overall Test) which is similar to the old No Disadvantage Test that existed before John Howard got rid of it.
    Hello Nathan =] I hope you've been well! I just wanted to wish you good luck for the next few weeks, and take care!
    Lolol enjoying school? It's so boring now though. I constantly fall asleep in class nowadays. =]
    Haha yeah it'll all be over soon. Only two more weeks of official school days. Can't wait to get my hsc exams over and done with!
    hey nathannnnn ^_^
    yesterday was excellent day. got some great drinks and had a great time with many people =)

    I have to admit that it wasn't very educational but meh.
    Congrats! I'm still waiting on the rest of my results. I should be getting three papers back tomorrow. Exciting much lol.
    Haha yeah facebook's pretty awesome. I just wish they'd fix the log in problem.
    Yeah I'm looking forward to the UNSW open day. I've been there a few times before with my sister (she graduated about 3 years ago). Maybe I'll see you there. Memorise my face! =]
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