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  • i think you said they proved it...which is an entirely different story...remind me in a couple of days and i'll pos you
    which post and which thread...i don't recall saying anything of the type?
    hsc is alrite...but the half yearlys are stressful...the whole exam environment and the study study study is starting to get to me...lol, but na, all in all, pretty good :)
    wbu? thats great to hear...always good to do something you love
    what instrument do u play?
    No worries. It's good to have at least one rational person to rely on in such discussions. :p
    He might've...

    I am, however, more into Billy Mays Autotune YouTube - Billy Mays - The Auto-tune Infomercial Ballad (ft. the Scatman)
    lol :) wow that seems pretty nervewracking....ive always wanted to play an instrument really well, but ive just been to slack to even bother lol...sad but true
    ooooh a castle eh??
    Lol I played the trumpet for a while actually, but ended up dropping it. Have a few friends who really want to go to the Con as well. Congrats :)
    Lol, I'm not all that religious, honestly, but I do feel quite strongly about some of these issues.

    After school I'm planning on (provided I get in, fingers crossed :)) to do Arts/Law @ Usyd.

    What about you?
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