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  • Yeah that's the only problem I have.

    But I don't mind too much because I still keep contact somehow with others.
    I enjoy the humble private life more. I doubt I miss out on much. Most of the stuff I've heard from friends is stuff I would rather miss out on.

    Anyway I don't want to judge other people, nor let them judge me through the interwebz.

    I'm one of those people who thinks that not only must we use technology properly for intended purposes, but also appropriately as to how we need it. I don't need an account and hence I don't even bother.
    In response to rep/pm:

    Haha yeah there is a reason why you don't hear from me outside of here. But in the end I will most likely never make an account.

    inb4 I make one in a few years time.

    I'm happy with how I am at the time. LG.
    that's the problem u c, need to learn how to use LaTeX coz gonna need help with some maths and won't be able to post it properly. Better learn from a mod.
    idk bos says wait 24hrs but i only wait like 2 or 3 and its fixed, more rep for everyone! :)
    I still can't rep you yet lol.

    Did you rep heaps in the past few days? Because I don't know how you got me covered the second time haha.
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