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  • Haha, no worries. Turns out maths is actually applicable to real life situations... for once in my life [yes, you'll learnt that Acronym in year 10 Trigonometry]

    2nd edit: ok, i'm confused now; are you 15 years old and in year 11? ;O
    haha, don't worry IRC will get cecily back.

    yeah I'm looking forward to school although I still havent been sent the list of what each subject needs :/ (like type of exercise books and all that)
    Well you know...
    It got kinda boring and repetitive.. I can't really explain it.

    It got too side-tracked and too much fighting... But oh well...
    How's your day?
    HEY matthew
    omg schools so close :(
    i feel
    for some reason
    whada waste of holis
    didnt have fun, nor did i do anything productive
    Ah ok :D i loved hana yori dango! Finished the whole series (season 1, 2 and the movie) :) My friend told me the korean version is funnier than the japanese version but the jap version is heaps good nonetheless!

    I've stopped watching dramas cause i know once i start one i won't stop watching it until the last episode, which is bad because i'm trying not to procrastinate on school work so much! >< haha

    I am so so so pumped for year 11 :D I see biology as one of your subjects :) Thats probably the one subject i'm looking forward to most hehe.
    If you know how to study for Physics, you will know how to study for Chem (the course structures are pretty much the same). Seeing as you are interested in Physics, I'm guessing that you MIGHT be more interested in Chem than Bio. :p

    You're welcome. :)
    Hehehe yep :) i love 'em! Its the only asian music i listen to though.

    I see you've watched hana yori dango =D the japanese version yeah?
    Oh, never had it. I was under the impression it was mainly for old people who need to lower their cholesterol intake or have a medical condition or something...
    Np man,
    dp is from the ps1 game The Legend of Dragoon.
    As for flora pro-active, I really have no idea what you mean lol.
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