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  • Get an offer for UWS science late round babe
    Trust me
    For med
    You want a high GPA
    And if you're in Campbelltown
    You want to do UWS med
    Travel + med =/= good
    Ohhhh right, my bad LOL! I guess I need to get crackin' with the 4u then :D Hopefully 4u ain't too bad, UNSW says you should preferably have 115 combined mark with 2U/3U and I'm well over that so hopefully I don't lag behind HAHA
    Ooft! Someone's getting ready for uni, I'll probably do the same thing, but not miss my lectures until I get my Deans award muahahah. It'd be go to come to the very first atleast get to meet people and stuff. Woah optom/sci nice combo. I'm doing Civil Eng, hopefully I won't lose interest and change my stream later on aha. Are you teaching yourself 4u? or you got like a friend/tutor helping you?
    We didn't calculate best and worst case scenarios :( That was 'our thing' after exams. Ah well maths finished, traditions finished.
    You actually did a lot in the 6 weeks considering you barely did any for trials. I'm tossing up between HSC papers and trials for this week, probably will just do some HSC papers and the new format ones. Maths week should be sweet, i'm dreading science week...I can already sense the Astrophysics storm coming haha
    From tomorrow...that's what everyone says hahaha
    How many have you done so far?? Watch us cram in like the last 3 days..
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