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    Are there any buses from town hall to unsw

    I have this lovely timetable and i can take 3 days off, but the only way to do that is if i come to an 8am tutorial on fridays...zzzzzz guys srs do me a favour and don't come an hour early...come 830 for a 9am start pls don't fill up the line at 8am...you'll be at uni superrrr early and ruin it...
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    Unsw timetable

    I get the feel he might do it once a year hahaha be persistent!
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread

    Re: UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2015. Download the lost on campus app...microwave locations...and unisex shower locations #wot srs? The one near where arc used to be has brand new microwaves. Also the optom clinic building too. And the Quad one isn't bad. I wouldn't use the Matthews microwave...
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    Unsw timetable

    Yo i had this same problem last year even tho i got in early...i accidentally dropped BABS1201 and then there were no slots but the 6-9 pm one. I had a huge panic attack and wrote a lovely essay to anne galea and begged her to change it back for me and then i called up biosciences as well and...
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    Nice places to go within 3km of UNSW and accessible by bus

    or u could just slide on and pay nothing huehue
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    2nd Round Offers for Medicine

    Thanks for the encouragement! :) Optom does have good career opportunities, but I guess routine just isn't for me. But I'll be happy with it. Opthalmology is definitely interesting, and something I would consider, however not sure if the many years of training is worth it. Anyway, gotta get...
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    What's up with Western restaurants chains serving me halal meat??

    Dude, just don't eat it then, if that's the way you feel. Move to campbelltown where only the kebab and lebo pizza shops are halal. If you refuse to be a part of it, just fucking don't be a part of it. If you want non-halal options, have a fucking salad edit: with added bacon.
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    2nd Round Offers for Medicine

    Well I tried studying hard for UMAT and I tried not studying for UMAT at all and got the same mark both times. So I think I'll do umat once more this year but not hard out, do GAMSAT hard out this year and give it a go. And plus, I've been a great saver this year :) It really isn't a big deal in...
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    2015 UAC med offers

    5. Don't finish your amazing speech about why you want to do med with "and that's why I want to study optom..OH SHIT NO MED SORRY" *facepalm*
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    Hi i'm unfortunately getting 4 wisdom teeth out this friday and also getting braces j

    Re: Hi i'm unfortunately getting 4 wisdom teeth out this friday and also getting brac My brother had all his wisdoms pulled out for braces and he looked like a chipmunk for 2 weeks and didn't go to school from embarrassment and pain. But hey, the drugs they give u at the hospital make you do...
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    2nd Round Offers for Medicine

    Thanks! Replied on fb ty <3 I think I'm pretty keen at going with the flow with UMAT, and instead attempt GAMSAT (and go really hard out) this year...if my results are good, finish off vision science next year, and apply postgraduate. More opportunities post grad and at least I haven't...
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread

    Re: UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2015. did BABS in sem 1 last year...easiest subject you'll ever do and all the exams are M/C. Anne Galea(has a new last name now) is a great speaker. And don't mess around too much in your labs, it'll hit u hard in the end when they mark you down for behaviour haha...
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    2nd Round Offers for Medicine

    thanks for the response! Yeah well i just needed to make sure, especially considering i don't wanna be charged for rent and wait around till second rounds only to find out there are no second rounds LOL super fine with it tho. just means im one step closer. woo! back to #optomlife
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    2nd Round Offers for Medicine

    Hey BoS...been a while since I posted on this thing. Anyway So I sat an interview and the PQA for JMP in December (ATAR 98 UMAT 76 59-58-50), however unfortunately did not receive any offers in the main round. Now in my correspondence I was told others were more competitive and I'll be...