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  • well yeah if you hate it, there's no point in continuing lol. I actually do like the unit, but its quite hard. I'm at Macquarie. Guessing you go to USYD lol
    lol i think i did the same one last semester. Right now im doing ethnicity and nationalism, really interesting but the essasy sucks.
    hmm.. just realised that i might not be able to do it next sem seeing as theres other units that i wanna do. oh wells :D
    lol yeah, it sucks :(
    i actually chosen history of god first, then changed it to reality ethics and beauty then to this :(

    is there a psych course next semester?
    middle ages, modern european history, microeconomics.

    i heard psych was good. shoulda done that :(
    hahaha true true true. yeah there encouragement and dedication is amazing. my business teacher said something that made me tear up the other day "every couple of years you get a really good class that your really gonna miss..you guys are the class"
    haha <3 shes taking us out to a cafe down the road at our last lesson
    icky :( theres no really nice teachers who have done so much for me tere though!! pretty much the mmain reason i dont wanna leave as stupid as that sounds .... kk im shutting upppp haha
    yeeee letz get toaTaLiiE plasterrd!!! haha
    find out when his party is because on my actual bday i was thinking maybe we could do something during the day? idk... and on the friday before, i might be staying back in the city (depends on whether or not omar has a class that arvo) so yeah probably cant do anything friday night either. IDK YET >_________< but yeah probs saturday during the day?
    ohh and whens ur cousins party? i cant do anything on sat night on my bday because we are having family over
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