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  • hahahaha omg u wont fail anthro. if u fail athro, then i will fail all my subjects >_<
    ahhahahahaa how awkward >__<

    nearly halfway!! its not due for like 3 more days isnt it? dw you will be fine :)
    not as lolworthy as when i greeted my workmate whom i thought was a customer... LMFAO HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHSHA im lolling thinking about it
    Ju$TiiN iZ sO hAwT bBy!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!11!!!1~~xoxoxoxooxoxox
    my frontal lobe hurts lol

    ps: hot guy in the 4th row.. what a BABE!!
    wow! you did fantastic! what are you studying now?
    im currently cominb 2nd in bio and legal, 6th in english, 1st in cafs and equal 1st with like 10 people for studies of religion :) maths im not doing AS well. but i can always drop and not do too badly.
    hopefully i can keep my grades up!
    awesomee :) are they good subjects?
    ill prob drop to 1 unit religion for yr 12 anyway then we will have the same haha.
    um excuse me
    why did you get a bos account
    i have a bos account

    ps: jeremy is a babe xoxoxooxxox~~~~
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