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Notes + Analysis of John Keats' Poetry

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In-depth analysis of John Keats' poetry*, studied as one of the two texts studied for Module A: Textual Conversations. Each poem is separated into colour-coded tables, with analysis and notes on context (significance on Keats' life), a brief overview of the poem and its themes, and the form and structure of the poem (rhyme scheme, type of poem structure and its signifiance).

This is followed by a side-by-side analysis of each poem and every stanza, with most lines having bolded techniques, effect and analysis taken from various sources (Litcharts, poem analysis websites, resources and class notes from previous students and my teachers, teacher annotations). There is also (some) analysis taken from academic/scholarly articles and critical readings of Keats' poems.

The above notes were completed in Term 1 of 2023, during the study of Module A. I hope they are useful to anyone using them as they were to me.

*Poems studied are the prescribed poems for Module A: Textual Conversations to be studied in conjunction with Jane Campion's Bright Star (2009). They are organised not in any particular order other than the one I studied each poem in class: Eve of St Agnes, Bright star! if I were as stedfast as thou art, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, When I Have Fears, Ode on a Grecian Urn, To Autumn, Ode to a Nightingale
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