1. Hivaclibtibcharkwa


    The first lesson is free! experience the tutoring first-hand! To apply for tutoring either directly message us on this website. Or email us at Phone number: 0452 520 752 Our team of State ranked tutors and biology teachers are solely focused on year 12 biology, with the...
  2. S


    Hi guys, does anyone have biology past papers for year 12 on heredity and skills-based exam?? or a checklist of what to cover?
  3. M

    Year 12, 11 And Lower Books For Sale

    Hey guys, I am clearing out my Year 12 and past books, of my brothers, I retrieved (Of Years 8-11) at cheap rates and most of great conditions that can be negotiated. These include a range of subjects like Biology; Blitzing (COLLECTION OF PAST PAPERS), Surfing complete, (ALL 3 Not used) YEAR 11...
  4. T


    MATH ADVANCE (free Cambridge soft copy textbook with any purchase) - matrix year 11/12 math advanced theory books (written) for $30 each - matrix year 11/12 math advanced homework books (not written) for $20 each (if you want to buy both years resources, the price is negotiable) ENGLISH ADVANCE...
  5. thatnormster

    What's easier? Biology or Economics?

    Yo! Here are the subjects that I've locked in for next year • Math Adv + Ext 1 • English Adv + Ext 2 • Geography And I'm tossing up between Biology and Economics. I hate studying Economics but I'm doing unbelievably well in it... I grasp the content well, it's just a chore to study for. I'm...
  6. A

    Physics or Biology for prelim and hsc?

    So Im currently in year 10 choosing my subjects for year 11 and 12. As the title suggests, im a bit conflicted with choosing between either bio or physics. Ive already decided on math advanced, math extension 1, english advanced, economics, business studies and chemistry. Most of these are...
  7. Y

    HSC Biology Tutoring for Year 11 Students

    Read the whole post for free resources! With my year 12 cohort leaving and graduating soon, I am happy to announce a new HSC biology class open for enrolment now. This class is for current year 11 students and will be starting next term. We will always be one module ahead of your school. With...
  8. Y

    Biology 'Working Scientifically Test'

    How do I study for this?? It's a skills test on modules 1 &2
  9. H

    Chronic Kidney Disease Graph analysis question

    After examining Sally-Anne’s symptoms, her nephrologist requested further tests. The results of her Serum Creatinine test and Creatinine Clearance test gave a GFR value of 20. The following graphs show some relationship between Serum Creatinine, Creatinine Clearance and eGFR (estimated...
  10. #26MysteryMarker

    Biology Practical Exam Tips (?) (HSC Task 2)

    Hey guys, I created this thread for any tips, and tricks you might have. How can I best approach this test? It is on module 5, and these are listed as "possible" outcomes: ● model the processes involved in cell replication, including but not limited to: – mitosis and meiosis – DNA replication...
  11. Z

    which two should i do, biology, hospitality, ancient history, cafs

    hi, i have until Friday to change subjects, so any help would be appreciated currently doing: Spanish beginners society and culture textiles and design TAFE fashion design English standard also bio and ancient history, but i don't know if i should change to hospitality and CAFS instead...
  12. 9

    I'm going into preliminary year and HSC (12) for some subjects and terrified. HELP

    2022, I'm going into prelim with subjects -biology -chemistry -english advanced -english ext 1 -music 1 These subjects are accelerated and taking the HSC (2022) for -Maths advanced -Maths ext1 -SOR (Studies of Religion1) I haven't really consulted an expert for my subject choices just fully on...
  13. iceecrream

    Modern history, legal studies, business studies or biology?

    Modern history, legal studies, business studies or biology? I'm going into Year 11 this year and I'm going to be doing Extension English, Extension Math, Chemistry and Physics but I need another subject to make it 12 units altogether as it is required by the school. I'm much better at applying...
  14. A

    Biology mutation help

    In point mutation, i don't get the difference between substitution and frameshift. In substitution, its defined as one nucleotide being replaced by another nucleotide and in frameshift, its defined as one or two nucleotides being added or removed. I don't get how tell which ones which if they...
  15. hscbiologytutoring

    *𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲* HSC BIOLOGY Tutoring

    Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of HSC Biology content there is? Do you plan to revise weekly but ultimately end up failing to do so? Or do you just want to brush up on Term 4 content before next year? Hi everyone :) I’m a current university student offering online (Zoom) tutoring for HSC...
  16. B

    Should I get tuition for biology?

    Hey everyone, I've talked to a few people to get their perspectives on tutoring for bio and some say that it isn't necessary since it's mainly just content and as long as you learn it and understand it, you should be good. However, some are suggesting that I should do tutoring for bio. Is...
  17. J

    subject selections year 11- HELP!!

    hi omg my subject selections are tomorrow!! i've thought out my subjects for a while and i plan on: ext eng ext math jap continuers chemistry bio But I've been getting cold feet for biology, is it really worth it doing two sciences?? Because everyone I know says that biology is a death trap and...
  18. M

    Biology 🧬

    Hey guys Does anyone have the worked answers for preliminary Nelson Biology In Focus- in particular module 3 and 4
  19. G

    Choosing Sciences

    I'm going into Year 11 this year at a top selective school and I'm taking the Asian Five (Ext Maths, Adv English, Chemistry, Physics and Economics), plus Geography. My school only lets me choose up to 2 sciences. After speaking to some people who have graduated recently, I've heard that physics...