hsc 2023

  1. M


    Hi, would really appreciate an estimate pls internal ranks chemistry: 19/31 standard eng: 15/104 economics: 7/14 business: 22/43 adv Maths: 48/52 (ik maths is horrible we don't talk about it) my school rank is around 60's am I screwed is it still possible to get an atar of 88 i want to do...
  2. SB257426

    Hey Guys I have really poor internal ranks and I am wondering... if i do really well in the hsc will I get an atar in the early 90s?

    My ranks are: Extension 1 Math: 13/68 ave mark: 77 Extension 2 Math: 10/21: ave mark: 66 Physics: 26/58: ave mark: 70 Chemistry: 43/72 ave mark: 59 (its so depressing i legit wanna die) English Standard: 33/152 ave mark: 70 I feel really demotivated and have been getting some bad thoughts about...
  3. I

    do people usually get a higher b6 in bio than chem?

    deciding what to drop before hsc
  4. tamdz

    likely questions for 2023 hsc civil rights?

    from what ive seen they havent asked - the groups (like NAACP and CORE) - freedom rides - march on washington - freedom summer what do u guys think
  5. tamdz

    predictions for 2023 hsc economics essay questions?

    ill still study everything of course but its best to have some you know better than others my teacher says that the other economy we studied in t1 (eg china or brazil) is likely but not too sure about anything else
  6. SB257426

    How am I supposed to parts b) and c)

    I got part a) but i don't know if im being dumb or something i cant get b or c.
  7. No surprises

    Difference between awards and EA

    The question is Distinguish between awards and enterprise agreements--2 marks What's the difference? This is whatIndustrial Relation Commission said Awards apply to employers and employees depending on the industry they work in and the type of job worked. Awards don't apply when an employer...
  8. 9

    Shitty internals VS good HSC result

    It's doing my head in--my school which ranks at around top 50 in NSW really fluctuates every year because we rely on the cohorts' ability to do well (it's not a selective high so...). My internal marks are not looking too well and while I ranked in top 3 in all my subjects during year 11, I had...
  9. K

    I really need help!! (with a title for my PIP)

    I am STRUGGLING to come up with a title for my pip, if anyone has any ideas it would be GREATLY appreciated!! My PIP is about screen time and physical exercise and the affects it has on generations but mainly just about screen time vs physical exercise. Im open to any ideas! all will be...
  10. S

    atar estimate based on my internals so far pls

    Hi guys, i currently go to a selective school thats ranked around the 40/50's in NSW. i was just wondering if someone could please give me an atar estimate based on my internals because my school won't do them for us and im stressing rly bad cos i feel like ive done so bad so far in all my...
  11. No surprises

    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    Hi guys I just received my semester 1 report, I go to a school ranked around 60 These are my results: Econ:AT 1&2- 80% cumulative ranked 15/58 (in context we had 12 band 6 last year) Geo:AT 1&2 -around 77% cumulative ranked 4/15 (idk how many b6s are there) Chinese&Literature: AT1&2 around 93%...
  12. S

    extracurricular for uni application

    Hi, so ive been doing volunteering at a family friend's medical centre and in a religious centre and was wondering when applying to uni's how to provide evidence or what form to fill out? is there an official form or is a letter of service enough evidence?
  13. S

    doing med as postgraduate

    hi guys, so im going to graduate this yr and feel like getting into med as undergraduate is getting less and less likely. ive heard doing med sci (or similar ones like clinical science) to get into medicine post grad is stupid and just leads to barely any job opportunities. i was wondering if...
  14. nsw..wollongong

    UAC round offers??

    Hiii just looking at my UAC portal and the website and they talk of all of these rounds and offers and whatnot, idfk what they mean. I thought early entry for yr12 students was sum like September and October?? **refer to screenshot what do these rounds actually offer? as a yr 12 student do i...
  15. S

    Engineering Notes

    Hi So it been two terms in yr 12 and our class barely learns anything so I thinking that if you guys have any notes that I am able to study from that would be great. I am not gonna pay for the notes so unless they are free I don't want it. Thanks Guys
  16. 8

    Atar Estimate

    Hi, I’m a year 12 student at a school ranked 80-100 over the years. These are the ranks for my subjects: English Advanced: rank 80/105 (sadly my rank will probably drop to 95-100 after the rank for our recent assessment come out; a side note, around 85-90% of my school gets band 5 & 6 for...
  17. K

    I don’t know what subject to drop in year 12

    Hi i’ve begun my first (technically second) year of year 12 and i’ve still currently got 12 units i was tossing up between maths extension (and then do 11 units) or visual arts (then would do 8 units + english ext 1 and maths ext 1) and i’ve just got maths extension back for my first hsc...
  18. H

    Worlds of Upheaval related text????

    Hi! Im currently in year 12 and for ext 1 english we have to research 2 related texts. Im doing worlds of upheaval with the set texts of frankenstein, waiting for godot, and selected seamus heaney poems. Ive seen a few posts suggesting related texts including Doctor Faustus, Klara and the Sun...
  19. I

    Tips for year 12 phys study

    Anyone know how to study for year 12 phys in terms of learning the content? I was going to just read over the textbook and take notes along the way but I was wondering if anyone had any better strategies?