1. M

    Is This A Normal Way To Teach PDHPE

    In our school every lesson for PE, we sit a syllabus test and we must write out the entire year 12 PDHPE syllabus word for word in correct order. If we get any wrong we must rewrite the syllabus 5-10 times due the next lesson.
  2. M

    Not Sure Whether To Drop PE And Pickup A VET Course for a 90+ ATAR pathway

    Hey Everybody, I'm a year 11 student that is currently undertaking Maths Advanced, English Standard, Investigating Science, Business Studies and PDHPE. I am doing quite well in Math and my goal is to get a 90+ ATAR. I'll be honest I dislike PDHPE as a subject and I want to drop it. Since I will...
  3. M

    Year 12, 11 And Lower Books For Sale

    Hey guys, I am clearing out my Year 12 and past books, of my brothers, I retrieved (Of Years 8-11) at cheap rates and most of great conditions that can be negotiated. These include a range of subjects like Biology; Blitzing (COLLECTION OF PAST PAPERS), Surfing complete, (ALL 3 Not used) YEAR 11...
  4. D

    What subject do I drop?

    I am not sure as to what subject I should drop, I am doing 3u maths, adv english, chem, physics, PDH and Eco, and i am probably going to be picking up 4u maths, so I want to cut down to 12 units. I feel like 10 units is going to be too risky because of 4u, so I have made up my mind to either...
  5. D

    Can't Find Past Papers From New Syllabus

    Hi, In preparation for the prelim exams, I am on the search for past papers, however, almost all of the papers I have found are from the old syllabus (pre-2018) and I am not sure where I can find new syllabus papers. So if anyone has past papers/knows a website I can view past papers for...
  6. heatblaster34

    PDHPE Predictions/Thoughts

    Quite suprised no one started a thread on this subject.... Anyways, what do you guys think about the exam tomorrow? Also, what options did you choose this year?
  7. sophieecam

    Questions about the IRP

    Hey everyone! :) We recently got the assessment notification for the IRP and I just had some questions about it in regards to the primary and secondary research 1) My first question is how many methods of primary research do we have to do? Should we do more then one? 2) For secondary research...
  8. P

    [Proficiency Education] Hiring tutors for all subjects!

    At Proficiency Education we are looking for keen individuals with a dedication to teaching and learning to join our amazing team. If you want to become a part of a wonderful and dynamic community where you can challenge yourself to grow then, ProEd is the place for you. We are open to tutors for...
  9. D


    If you are undergoing the PDHPE HSC course, then this ebook will make sure you don't lose all of your time studying which can be used for other reasons. It got me a 97 hsc mark. The ebook contains: ✅ A step-by-step plan on how to study throughout the year so you can minimise study time...
  10. yx0302n

    Year 11 Subject Selection

    Hello, I'm struggling to decide on my last two units for next year. So far, I have: 2 English 3 Maths 2 Biology 2 Chemistry 2 Physics and am unsure what to pick for my last two. I have an idea of either Economics, Modern History or PDHPE. I want to achieve the highest ATAR possible and do well...
  11. M

    Business Studies + PDHPE Notes from $3

    Hi, looking to sell my Business Studies notes for the Year 12 syllabus. I achieved a 93 internal HSC mark in 2020. My prices are $5 per topic, and $15 for the whole note set. Substantial Apple case study is included, plus a summarised stat sheet covering all 4 topics. Also looking to sell my...
  12. S


    Hey everybody, PDHPE can be a very heavy content subject, to help you guys out I'm selling cheap notes based on the syllabus dot-points. These notes are very condensed and precise, making it very easy to memorize. I ranked 3rd out of the cohort. Core 1 notes- $5 Core 2 notes- $5 Core 1 and...