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Not Sure Whether To Drop PE And Pickup A VET Course for a 90+ ATAR pathway (1 Viewer)


Aug 1, 2023
Hey Everybody,

I'm a year 11 student that is currently undertaking Maths Advanced, English Standard, Investigating Science, Business Studies and PDHPE. I am doing quite well in Math and my goal is to get a 90+ ATAR. I'll be honest I dislike PDHPE as a subject and I want to drop it. Since I will only have 8 units now I want to pickup VET sports coaching and hospitality. I am aware that for an ATAR pathway you can do up to 2 units of a VET course. I am wondering if doing those will effect my possibility of getting a high atar.


Le Phénix Trilingue
Aug 22, 2019
Krak des Chevaliers
Uni Grad
There is an element that is unclear in the information that you have provided. The subjects that you said you are currently taking amount to 10 units instead of the 12 units that you are required to take in year 11. Perhaps you did not include the last subject that you are currently taking?

Sport Coaching is a VET Board Endorsed course. This means that, while it does contribute towards your total number of units, it does not count towards your ATAR. On the other hand, Hospitality can count towards your ATAR, provided that you sit this subject's HSC exam.

Generally speaking, you can achieve a high ATAR with any combination of subjects as long as you are determined to regularly study and thoroughly prepare for your assessment tasks and exams. Hospitality is not an exception, meaning that you can definitely perform at a standard that is sufficiently high and hence consistent with your ATAR goal. Looking at 2022 data, the highest ATAR achieved by a student who took Hospitality and sat its HSC exam was 97.75. This suggests that your ATAR goal is definitely achievable. Therefore, your goal beyond this point will be to perform favourably across your subjects throughout year 12 (that is, your category A subjects as well as Hospitality), just as it would have been, had you wanted to keep PDHPE.

I hope this helps! 😄

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