1. I


    Can anybody help rank these tutoring centres based on personal experience or word of mouth??? (Reasoning or partial rankings would also be greatly appreciated!!)
  2. J

    I need advice on whether to drop physics or software design and development.

    You don't need to worry about your subjects being helpful in your future degree/course (unless it is a prerequisite) - but considering the information you've provided it seems that you are more interested in physics so perhaps you should consider dropping software in that case
  3. A

    Physics or Biology for prelim and hsc?

    So Im currently in year 10 choosing my subjects for year 11 and 12. As the title suggests, im a bit conflicted with choosing between either bio or physics. Ive already decided on math advanced, math extension 1, english advanced, economics, business studies and chemistry. Most of these are...
  4. D

    Can't Find Past Papers From New Syllabus

    Hi, In preparation for the prelim exams, I am on the search for past papers, however, almost all of the papers I have found are from the old syllabus (pre-2018) and I am not sure where I can find new syllabus papers. So if anyone has past papers/knows a website I can view past papers for...
  5. Bob99

    Mass defect of nuclear fission/fusion

    I am a bit confused about the mass defect occurring from nuclear fission/fusion reactions. Online sources + textbooks say that the products of a nuclear fusion reaction will have less mass than the reactants, and will release energy in relation to E=mc^2. But in my matrix book, they are saying...
  6. D

    Mistakes Book

    Hi all, I am thinking about starting a mistakes book to get into a good habit of writing down all my mistakes. However, I have never done this before so any advice would be great. Thank you
  7. D

    Physics Practical Process Task

    Hi, I have a physics practical process task for mod 3: waves and thermo coming up in one week, and I am seeking general advice and any predictions on what could be asked. Thanks, Dhwanit
  8. J

    HELP! Depth Study Waves

    I have to do a year 11 depth study into waves and its due at the end of the term but we've only just started doing waves, has anyone got any ideas because I am hopelessly lost
  9. D

    HSC study lab course review

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here has done the Macquarie Uni study lab for physics and/or chemistry and if it is worth buying. (it did not let me post the URL) Thanks, Dhwanit
  10. N

    Physics Year 11 Assignment- Help me please!!!!!!!

    Hi so I was given this assessment task like a week ago, its due next week and I have no clue where to start. I, unfortunately, ended up with a teacher who isn't that great at actually teaching the content and he hasn't explained the assessment task well, so basically, everyone in my class is...
  11. S


    Hi Everyone! I am a part of a group of 2021 HSC graduates who collectively achieved ATARs ranging from 96 - 99.85, excelling in a variety of subjects including; Extension 1-2 Maths, Advanced English, Chemistry and Physics. Being from different schools, we decided to compile a Google Drive...
  12. Modern4DaBois

    Question about Special Relativity

    How do relative velocities work near the speed of light. Say u r shooting a bullet that goes at 0.8c from a spaceship that goes at 0.8c, what is the velocity of the bullet relative to an observer on the ground? I know that this equation gives the answer, but could someone pls show how to derive...
  13. D

    Best textbook for Physics and Chemistry

    Hi, I am a year 10 student, going into year 11 next year, and I have chosen to do Chemistry and Physics. I was wondering what textbook is the best to study for these subjects, so it would be great if I could get some guidance.
  14. chwabe

    Difficulty of Chem and Phys Modules

    Hi I'm wondering if there were any specific phys and chem modules that are harder than others and need extra study or tutoring on (for preliminary modules but opinions on hsc modules as well)! I'm going to be attending tutoring for module 2 of chemistry (quantitative chemistry) but I'm not sure...
  15. N

    What maths should I be taking with physics?

    Hey, at the moment I'm a yr 10 student in 5.3 maths. I chose my subjects a while ago and I still have no clue what maths I should be taking with physics. I've been told by previous science teachers that I'm capable of doing physics and they recommend doing maths adv to everyone. I ended up...
  16. I

    Please can someone help me clarify a few things

    Hi! I have been doing a few practice papers for physics and have a bunch of questions I am confused about! Does anyone know: 1. What is the best definition for an uncontrolled/controlled chain reaction. I would have said the number of fissions subsequently initiated in comparison to the number...
  17. A

    ASAP Help on measurement of speed of light required

    Hello, i just wanted to know what were the scientific theories and laws of physics that Ole romer based his measurement of the speed of light on. also what equipment did he utilise to make these measurements? any help asap would be greatly appreciated :)
  18. A

    Physics MOD 7 Confusion - any help asap is appreciated

    hello, so my question is related to the measurement of the speed of light. 1. Maxwell predicted existence of em waves in 1864. He then went on to calculate the theoretical speed of an em wave. he then said that light is also an em wave. 2. then in 1900's hertz proved that em waves existed by...
  19. X

    Where can I find hard practice questions

    I'm studying Physics and Chemistry, and I've tried the questions in the textbooks I use (surfing and in focus) but they all seem to be repetitive and are nothing like the harder questions in the HSC. Does anyone have any other textbook suggestions or resources with hard exam type questions for...
  20. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutoring help

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...