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  1. C

    What are some ideas for an experiment on electromagnetism for physics mod 6?

    Hey all, I will be conducting an experiment and writing a report on it (depth study) based on the theme of: 'Analyse electric and magnetic interactions due to charged particles, currents, and/or fields'. This experiment must be 'engaging' / creative (because otherwise, I lose marks in the...
  2. J

    Year 11 Physics Mod 1 Free Online Seminar Sunday 19th Feb - ACE

    Hi everyone, Justin here from ACE. In case you missed the last post, I graduated from James Ruse in 2016 and am now the Head of Chemistry and Academic Lead at ACE. I am excited to post again to let you know that our new series of completely free online seminars which review each Module in the...
  3. D

    How to Get Better At Theory Based Responses

    Hi, What are the best ways for one to improve their responses in theory based questions. The numericals are fine, however I am noticing that I am consistently losing an average of one mark per question, on the theory based questions. What is the best strategy to improve my marks in these areas...
  4. D

    How often should I revise

    Hi, What is the best revision strategy to stay fresh with content especially for physics and chem? I have noticed the test papers ask very niche questions, where you are required to remember very small details about all the chapters in order to go up to the higher b5/b6 mark. So how often...
  5. SB257426

    Electromagnetism: Velocity of a subatomic particle

    A question popped up in a physics textbook and I would just like to clarify my answer: a) My answer: Potential difference is positive so ΔV = ΔU/q and since potential difference is positive so must be ΔU. ΔU = q*ΔV = (-1.602 * 10^-19)(100) = -1.602 * 10^-17 ΔU = -ΔKe -1.602 * 10^-17 =...
  6. S

    Best HSC physics tutors

    Can anyone recommend experienced online physics tutors? I live pretty far away from the city and wouldn't be able to do in-person classes, however can come down to Sydney if classes are held on weekends. I need a tutor that's able to teach just as well online as they can offline, and keeps...
  7. D

    Practical Assesments

    Hi, I have a practical process task for mod 6 for both chemistry and physics so what are possible things they may ask us to do. Additionally, how would you guys recommend I study for these sort of tasks, and what is the best approach to maximise marks? Also if anyone has any past papers of...
  8. C

    Subjects for Prelims

    Hi, I picked my subjects for prelims '23 recently: - SOR 2 (compulsory to have 12 units exact even tho I average Bs in religion) - Physics - Eco - Math Ext & Adv - Eng Ext & Adv I wanted to switch eco for smth else because it might be too much on top of everything else. If I do, I'll change to...
  9. matthewmorrison123

    Difference between uncertainty and accuracy?

    What is the difference between uncertainty and accuracy? I've been reading through some NESA documents and they seem to use the two words interchangeably. Is there a difference? Thanks :)
  10. I

    Tips for year 12 phys study

    Anyone know how to study for year 12 phys in terms of learning the content? I was going to just read over the textbook and take notes along the way but I was wondering if anyone had any better strategies?
  11. Bob99

    MCQ help

    Can someone explain why the answer is A. I thought the speed decreases and hence frequency increases c=fλ (B).
  12. Bob99

    2022 Physics QAT MCQ Doubt

    Answers say C I think it has to be A. Someone pls come to the rescue with the correct explanation.
  13. I


    Can anybody help rank these tutoring centres based on personal experience or word of mouth??? (Reasoning or partial rankings would also be greatly appreciated!!)
  14. J

    I need advice on whether to drop physics or software design and development.

    You don't need to worry about your subjects being helpful in your future degree/course (unless it is a prerequisite) - but considering the information you've provided it seems that you are more interested in physics so perhaps you should consider dropping software in that case
  15. A

    Physics or Biology for prelim and hsc?

    So Im currently in year 10 choosing my subjects for year 11 and 12. As the title suggests, im a bit conflicted with choosing between either bio or physics. Ive already decided on math advanced, math extension 1, english advanced, economics, business studies and chemistry. Most of these are...
  16. D

    Can't Find Past Papers From New Syllabus

    Hi, In preparation for the prelim exams, I am on the search for past papers, however, almost all of the papers I have found are from the old syllabus (pre-2018) and I am not sure where I can find new syllabus papers. So if anyone has past papers/knows a website I can view past papers for...
  17. Bob99

    Mass defect of nuclear fission/fusion

    I am a bit confused about the mass defect occurring from nuclear fission/fusion reactions. Online sources + textbooks say that the products of a nuclear fusion reaction will have less mass than the reactants, and will release energy in relation to E=mc^2. But in my matrix book, they are saying...
  18. D

    Mistakes Book

    Hi all, I am thinking about starting a mistakes book to get into a good habit of writing down all my mistakes. However, I have never done this before so any advice would be great. Thank you
  19. D

    Physics Practical Process Task

    Hi, I have a physics practical process task for mod 3: waves and thermo coming up in one week, and I am seeking general advice and any predictions on what could be asked. Thanks, Dhwanit