1. T

    how to study for practicals science

    confident/decent at content but struggle a lot in practicals - ik my validity/reliability/accuracy and other basic skills but i think i get panicked and take too long to set up the prac itself and then conduct it/take results i have a prac for both phys (mod 1 + 2) and chem (mod 2) this term...
  2. T

    changing CAFS --> Business Studies

    Hey I am currently doing the following subjects: - Maths Ext 1, English Advanced - Accel Maths 2U - Physics - Chemistry - Economics - CAFS I'm thinking of changing CAFS to business studies mostly because if I suck at one of the sciences, i'd be doing the one im better at, business and eco in...
  3. B


    Hi! I'm Brian and I graduated as dux of St Aloysius (6th in state) in 2023. I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in maths / Science (Computer Science) at UNSW. I have developed material for tutoring centres as well as tutored students from top selective schools such as...
  4. H

    99.45 ATAR|Specialist Chemistry Tutor |USYD Doctor of Dental Medicine|BHHS Graduate

    Hi! My name is Sheng and I am a 2023 Baulkham Hills High School graduate. I will be studying a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine double degree at USYD. I achieved: 96 HSC Chemistry 96 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 94 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 94 HSC Physics I am offering...
  5. S

    Useful workbooks for phys and chem?

    Hello, I am currently doing some content from the year 11 chem and phys syllabus and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for workbooks that were useful for them. It doesn't have to be limited to chemistry and physics, just something that would help me get a good conceptual and...
  6. scienceready

    Study Guide for Module 6: Electromagnetism (READ BEFOREHAND)

    Hey Year 12s, We wrote a short guide to help you tackle Module 6: Electromagnetism. Many students find this module more challenging than Module 5: Advanced Mechanics due to numerous reasons, so in addition to the notes and videos on our website, we hope this guide will help further...
  7. scienceready

    Things that helped me improve in chemistry/physics (99.95 ATAR, no tutoring)

    Hey everyone! My name is Donny, and I did my HSC in 2022. I want to share a few tips that helped me improve in science, specifically for HSC Chemistry & Physics. You can read my tips & advice here: Here's...
  8. W

    AI problem solver for HSC Physics

    Hi, some of you might remember me from the Maths forum, where I shared an AI which helps you solve HSC Maths problems. Since then, quite a few people have asked if they could get help on Physics too. So I spent some time training the AI on the physics syllabus... Happy to share that it's now...
  9. A

    How to start studying effectively from day 1 of year 11?

    What can I do to study from day 1 of year 11 that is effective? what should I do? should I make a timetable and learn what is being taught in class only or jump ahead. Thanks!
  10. A

    Help I dont get this question

    I keep on getting D... idk why... i give up someone please tell me how its done
  11. C

    2023 Trial Papers?

    Hello there! Would anyone happen to have some 2023 trial papers for physics from their schools? Thank you :)
  12. Y

    How to not fall behind in Physics and extension maths?

    What is the most important thing to do to not fall behind in physics and extension maths? all tips are highly appreciated Thanks
  13. A

    What do I need to know from year 10 physics to be able to do year 11 and year 12 physics?

    I forgot components of year 10 physics and I just want to know if there is anything essential I need to know from year 10 to move onto year 11 and year 12 without a problem. What would I need to revise and brush up? Thanks
  14. L

    chem vs phys??

    i only plan to pick one of chem/phys, which one should I pick? hows the difficulty/workload for each subject? ive heard that chem starts hard then gets easy, while phys starts easy then gets rlly hard?? i dont plan to do a science-related degree (eg med/compsci) so that shouldn't influence my...
  15. M

    School Prohibiting Subject

    My brother is in year 10 and is starting his subject selection process now, the school has not "recommended" him for physics so he is unable to do the subject. The school gives a recommendation for some subjects to dictate what subjects students can do. He is doing pretty well in year 10...
  16. bobbywoo


    Hey there I was just wondering what my atar would be Would I need to ace externals to get a good atar?? I do Physics, Maths advance, Legal studies, Engineering studies,English standard I go to a rank 50 school in nsw My ranks are Physics: 44/55 Maths: 70/140 English: 30/151 Engineering...
  17. S

    got my trial results back and need help

    hi guys, I'm doing English advanced, biology, business, physics and Math advanced and got my marks back for trials today. here they are: math: 45% physics: 60% biology: 85% business studies: 85% english: 95% my goal atar is 95, and i have gotten above 85 for every single assessment task for...
  18. D

    Faraday's Paradox

    Can anyone please explain this in terms of emf and induction...? PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏
  19. SB257426

    Electromagnetism Question

    I am stuck on this module 6 electromagnetism question: 'Two charged parallel plates have a potential difference of 35.0 V. How far apart must these two plates be so that a point charge of -4.0*10^-8 C with a mass of 2.5*10^-6 kg will be exactly suspended against gravity?" I dont have a...
  20. Gr00by

    Is Sigma Science Good for Physics?

    Could anyone with past experience with Sigma Science or knowledge about it please answer. I've heard a lot of good feedback about it, but want to hear from a student who goes there as well how they find it and what makes it different to other tutoring centres.