1. SB257426

    If Qsp=Ksp does that mean a precipitate will form ?

    I understand that at Ksp we have a saturated solution which is where you have the maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in a given solvent but multiple people are saying different things. Some people are saying there is no precipitate and some people are saying there is a precipitate. I am...
  2. D

    Faraday's Paradox

    Can anyone please explain this in terms of emf and induction...? PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏
  3. h_s_r11

    Science IRP/SRP Help!

    My teacher said choose something I'm interested in and that for me if Visual Arts. I finally decided I want to research paint but I have no idea how to approach it. I'm finding it complicated to understand the theory and have no idea how I can even make a quantitative experiment out of it. Any...
  4. Bob99

    2022 Physics QAT MCQ Doubt

    Answers say C I think it has to be A. Someone pls come to the rescue with the correct explanation.
  5. Bob99

    Mass defect of nuclear fission/fusion

    I am a bit confused about the mass defect occurring from nuclear fission/fusion reactions. Online sources + textbooks say that the products of a nuclear fusion reaction will have less mass than the reactants, and will release energy in relation to E=mc^2. But in my matrix book, they are saying...
  6. T

    Bachelors of …?

    Hi guys, This is probably me just stressing out about random and irrelevant stuff but am I the only one really lost about what I want to do after high school. I 100% know that I want to go to uni but I don’t know what for. Me picking subjects for the hsc based solely on what I like probably...
  7. LennonTheLemon

    Arts/Law vs Science/Law

    Context: I am currently doing Science/Law and majoring in chemistry. I should still able to change to Arts/Law and major in music. I have a fervent motivation to do both chemistry and music, however, my passion for music slightly trumps that of chemistry. The reason it is a hard decision is...
  8. A

    99.70 All Rounder - PHYSICS (97) | SCIENCE EXTENSION (46) | ECONOMICS | CHEMISTRY TUTORING + Maths 3U Comprehensive Notes

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. :D I am Peter and I graduated last year with a 99.70 ATAR as an all-round achiever, with HSC marks of: 97/100 in Physics (Ranked 1st Internally) 46/50 in Science Extension (Ranked 1st Internally) 99/100 in 2U Maths (accelerated) - NEW...
  9. D

    Just got my first year 12 assignment. What do I do now?

    Got my first bio assignment for year 12, but I'm too overwhelmed with things that i could possibly do e.g. practice papers, extend notes, get straight into memorising. What should I be doing from now up until the exam and how should I structure my day in terms of fitting in the assignment into...
  10. J

    subject selections year 11- HELP!!

    hi omg my subject selections are tomorrow!! i've thought out my subjects for a while and i plan on: ext eng ext math jap continuers chemistry bio But I've been getting cold feet for biology, is it really worth it doing two sciences?? Because everyone I know says that biology is a death trap and...
  11. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutoring help

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...
  12. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutors

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...
  13. A

    What were these science subjects like for your hsc?

    Have you done or are currently doing Physics/Chem/Bio for hsc? Do you regret it? Did you enjoy it? What was it like? How did you handle the workload? Was it worth it and was it difficult? Tomorrow is the last day before subject selection and I'm still unsure about exactly which science...
  14. G

    Choosing Sciences

    I'm going into Year 11 this year at a top selective school and I'm taking the Asian Five (Ext Maths, Adv English, Chemistry, Physics and Economics), plus Geography. My school only lets me choose up to 2 sciences. After speaking to some people who have graduated recently, I've heard that physics...
  15. aceagle007

    SciX proposals?

    Anyone got their scaffold of how they wrote their project’s proposal? Or any tips on how to write it?
  16. M

    whats learning biology like, other then the heavy content based reputation?

    contemplating whether I should do physics or biology, I want to do bio but like everyone tells me its scales down and heavy content and it's really easy, but Ive just been introduced to physics module 1 and is so confusing with velocity, displacement, finding time, acceleration with 3 weird...
  17. C


    Hi! So for a task in school, we have to design our own experiment but I've spent hours researching and can't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas for experiments I could do???? Please this is urgent. You will complete an investigation, in groups, to explore the equilibrium of carbonated...
  18. yooook

    2020 (Physics) CSSA - Independent - ACE HSC Trial papers!!!!!!

    If anyone has any of these physics for 2020 with solutions, please dm/pm me, I need to check if I got my answers correct! p.s ik its intellectual property, but if you could just dm/pm me the stuff through, greatly appreciated yoooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  19. L

    Chemistry Practical Assessments

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at the Year 12 assessment schedule and at my school the prac is worth 40% of internal marks. This year for chemistry, because our school was shut down, our practical assessment task was just at home and we had 2 weeks to do it, so I'm not too familiar with how it...
  20. K

    Year 10 Science Past Papers

    Hi, I need some year 10 Science papers for Genetics and Evolution, Chemistry (chemical reactions), ICAS/REACH and possibly physics (motion) to use for home learning. Thanks a lot!