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study tips

  1. LuqmanA

    How I went from being a D-student to scoring a 95+ ATAR (at a public school)

    Hey everyone! My name is Luqman, and I graduated the HSC in 2022. I am writing this thread to inspire those who are doubting their ability to score the ATAR of their dreams... Those who are disadvantaged and don't go to the best schools... And those who have never had the best grades. Table...
  2. dumplingky

    time management study tips for trials

    Trials are in like 6 weeks and I'm pretty clueless on how to start studying, how to manage studying for each subject and not neglect one or the other, things like that. I already know about general study tips like doing past papers etc. My subjects are 3u math, 2u eng, bio, cafs, legal if it's...
  3. Chiprr

    How do I study early in the year?

    Up until year 11, I never really had to study. I was able to cruise through exams and assessments getting A's almost all the time but I moved to a larger school so there is a lot more competition. I want to study early in the year but it feels pointless doing past papers when I'm not coming up...
  4. I

    Coping with bad teacher

    I'm sure everyone has had bad teachers within their life but since there's not really any teacher change in yr11/12, your kinda stuck if you have a bad teacher. Anyone have any tips on how to self study during class time if your teacher basically doesn't teach and just rambles on about the most...
  5. S

    The Crucible related text

    Hey guys, I would like to know which text I should study for The Crucible related text. for English Advanced HSC. Which text would be best in terms of connection, human experience and easier to write about together? Please help!!!
  6. S

    English Advanced

    Hey guys I need help for English advanced. I’m going into year 12 next term and I need helpppp🥲 My prelim and past test have been bad. However I am passing but just barely. I don’t know how to prepare or study for it and am considering to drop to standard or find a tutor. However I heard some...
  7. D

    What study tips do you have for Ancient/Modern History, Advanced English/Maths?

    Hello! I've been mainly been hitting the high band 5~ish mark, but not quite getting into band 6 for Ancient and Modern History as well as Advanced English, so if you have any particular advice about what really gets you into those top bands, please do leave a comment <3 Also, any names of...
  8. mary555

    how should i study for the maths advanced hsc this year?

    happy new year everyone! i hope 2022 is a good year for all of us :) this year, I'll be taking my hsc for maths advanced and sor 1, but I'm not sure how to study for the former during the holidays this month. my teacher said this time is crucial to prepare, so i want to use it effectively...
  9. W

    what to do before starting year 12?

    hey guys :) So the thing is I didn't do so well in prelims for maths ext 1+adv and chem, and I'm wondering if I should just study ahead for the year 12 course content or take time to thoroughly revise my year 11 stuff? I haven't got much time until year 12 and I'm stressing out not knowing what...
  10. T

    And so it is live! A Guide to Surviving University (for first years like me) :)

    I interviewed an array of teachers and university students to give you the ultimate guide to university survival :) I would love if you checked it out and subscribed!
  11. T

    I've started a YouTube channel (QingClear) to post some of the *wisdom* I have gathered over my high school years.

    Hi! I've recently graduated and decided to start a YouTube channel named QingClear to share some of the study tips and general knowledge I have gathered over the past 5 or so years. Please check it out and if any of it helps you please subscribe! ;) Latest STUDY TIPS VIDEO --> (part 2 coming...
  12. Pablo_35

    Need Help On Memorising !

    Hello members of BOS ! With all the notes done, i was wondering what is the most effective way to study it (especially memoring the all the definitions).
  13. S

    am i doing enough for Yr 11?..

    i need some advice for organisation because as term 2 is starting i realised how behind and lacking i am in my studies. like for biology i literally did no "complete" notes and all the ones i have are just randomly scattered around. and now i realised that i basically forgot...
  14. antickie

    English Study Plan - How to allocated your time in a 10 week term

    Hi guys! I really want to share a study plan for you guys but first I want to know what you guys are doing to study for English just so I know where to start. If you guys don’t have any plan at the moment I will post a very basic scaffold. If you guys have a plan that’s not working I can...
  15. A

    Help! HSC SUX!!!

    Hi fellow bosers! As the title suggests I need some advice. Ever since the year started more homework and work in general has needed to be done, and I’m struggling. My work is piling up, I have not been able to consistently study ahead and even with several study timetables. As homework is...
  16. A

    Studying in the Morning=99.95

    Hi guys! Sorry for that little bit of click bait 😜 but I thought this would be the perfect place to discuss: 1)When is the best time to study for you? 2)Is waking up at 4 am really worth it? 3)Night vs morning studying