1. souli

    How do I write with more sophistication and academic language?

    I am just wondering if anyone has any advice I could use to make my writing (particularly essays) more sophisticated, and more academic-sounding. Or how to expand my vocabulary to include higher-quality language. Thank you!
  2. souli

    How's your study going now VS the beginning of the year?

    This is a bit of a check-in/reflection post ig.. How are you going with your study, compared to your goals at the beginning of the year? Are you beyond your expectations, or do you feel that you're falling behind? Are you still feeling motivated or a bit burnt out? Personally, I'm feeling a bit...
  3. S

    Marketing Essay Business studies URGENT HELP READ PLEASE

    Hi there, would anyone like to help give feedback on an essay I wrote about marketing strategies.I really need help in determining if the analysis and structure is effective and also which paragraph/s could be eliminated. Thank you! please let me know.
  4. A

    ICAS Papers

    Hello everyone, I have Icas past papers for sale for only $1 each. It is the best way to practice for ICAS! Get ahead and buy some today! Year 2-12 & all subjects available. Please message me for more details!
  5. Anaya R

    How are you spending your break?

    Open to school and/or uni students. Are you travelling? Doing a camp? Sleeping? Tell your thoughts here.
  6. S

    am I burnt out or just lazy?

    So prior to these past few weeks, I went on a study rampage. It was the summer holidays and I barely left the house so I could get ahead in the HSC, which I did end up doing as I covered half of the HSC biology syllabus and consolidated my knowledge for all of my other subjects as well, notably...
  7. D

    How often should I revise

    Hi, What is the best revision strategy to stay fresh with content especially for physics and chem? I have noticed the test papers ask very niche questions, where you are required to remember very small details about all the chapters in order to go up to the higher b5/b6 mark. So how often...
  8. souli

    How do you make notes? Digitally or handwritten?

    Starting yr 11 soon, and planning to make some study notes on the holidays. Do you make your notes(typing) on a laptop, etc, or handwrite them onto loose-leaf paper in a display folder or a notebook? Thank you!
  9. S

    ECONOMICS CASE STUDY China or Japan?

    Should my case study for year 12 2023 be on China or Japan? I heard China is a bit awkward to write now due to its relationship with other countries atm? My teacher also said it could be too popular and awkward right now to write. But my new tutor and another teacher said China is still a good...
  10. S


    Hey guys how can you study and prepare for hsc economics, given that there are so many new statistics? Please also suggest any tips if you can! And any resources would be much appreciated thank you!
  11. I

    Tips for year 12 phys study

    Anyone know how to study for year 12 phys in terms of learning the content? I was going to just read over the textbook and take notes along the way but I was wondering if anyone had any better strategies?
  12. S

    English Advanced

    Hey guys I need help for English advanced. I’m going into year 12 next term and I need helpppp🥲 My prelim and past test have been bad. However I am passing but just barely. I don’t know how to prepare or study for it and am considering to drop to standard or find a tutor. However I heard some...
  13. D

    Mistakes Book

    Hi all, I am thinking about starting a mistakes book to get into a good habit of writing down all my mistakes. However, I have never done this before so any advice would be great. Thank you
  14. D

    How do I manage my time?

    I'm aiming to do 4 hours a day of study. I usually get home at 3:30, have an hour and 20 minutes to myself which includes a quick nap. Then get started on my work. The thing is with 4 hours of study, breaks are essential and by the time that is finished so around 10pm, i still have a lot of...
  15. mary555

    how should i study for the maths advanced hsc this year?

    happy new year everyone! i hope 2022 is a good year for all of us :) this year, I'll be taking my hsc for maths advanced and sor 1, but I'm not sure how to study for the former during the holidays this month. my teacher said this time is crucial to prepare, so i want to use it effectively...
  16. J

    studying and organisation

    hi people I am just wondering how everyone stays organised with their studying. What I mean is, I have all this content across all my subjects, and obviously is continually going to be more content added as the year goes on, but how do you guys make sure you are revising everything you need to...
  17. J


    for those that use or have used atomi, do you think it is enough to sustain my notes? (For PDHPE, CAFS and SOR) I love watching the videos and making my notes off them, but do you think the information they supply is sufficient and goes into enough depth to get bands 5 and 6?
  18. J

    How do you study/revise?

    So I have literally never studied in my life and coming into year 12 I've realised that I am going to need to. I am making my notes for all my subjects, aligned with the syllabus, but once I actually have my notes, what's the next step? I can read over them but I don't know how effective that...
  19. J

    Taking Notes - Handwritten or Typed?

    Hi! So I am just entering my year 12 course, and I am really trying to step up my game this year. Year 11 I really didn't put in much work or remember any of my content or study at all, so I am trying to really push myself at the moment. I want to be better at taking notes and I can't decide...
  20. A

    I think I screwed up..

    So first of all, screwed over my selective test. Go to a public school that isn't the best. I'm a competitive swimmer and spend most of my time outside of school swimming and tutoring. Its only come to me very recently that if I don't step up my game, I might end up working at McDonalds (or so...