1. D

    Vision Science

    Hey guys, I've been trying to ring UNSW up for so long and I've gotten no answer 😤 I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this. If you're doing a Bachelor of Vision Science, can you transfer into the Bachelor of Vision Science/ Master of Clinical Optometry component after one year...
  2. D

    USYD or UNSW??

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could perhaps give me your perspectives on which course I should pick. I know the end decision comes down to what I prefer, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought too. Out of these two degrees, do you think I should pick: Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)...
  3. M

    Any does architecture? Which uni?

    Hi! I am a recent high school graduate and received offers into design in architecture courses at UTS, USYD and UNSW. I am really confused about which uni to go to. I personally prefer UTS because of the many pros I have heard of it including; the more personalized experience due to small...
  4. queenb_3

    2020 LAT

    Hey y'all! How did you honestly find the 2020 LAT?
  5. 5

    Transfer to UNSW / WSU Med from another course in another uni

    Hi all, Is it possible to transfer to UNSW / WSU Medicine if I do another course (completely unrelated to med) from another uni? For me, that 'another uni' is USyd. There's no clear cut answer to this question on the UNSW Med website and most other threads I can find are many years outdated...
  6. queenb_3

    LAT help

    Hi y'all! Hope you're all doing well! Does anyone have some advice regarding the LAT (law admissions test) for UNSW? And to anyone that has sat it and is currently studying law at UNSW, can you please provide some guidance? What's it like? Anything we should go over? What should we really...
  7. P

    LAT'S - law at UNSW

    Hi everyone! I'm really passionate in pursuing a career in law, I'd ideally like to go to UNSW or USYD (however, aiming more for UNSW as slightly lower ATAR etc. and reportedly it's a better learning environment there). -> to get into law at UNSW you have to sit the Law Admission Test (LAT's)...
  8. S


    Can i do UNSW double degree bachelor of commerce/science and major in accounting and psychology? Has anybody ever done this? I feel like it might sound stupid or be a waste of time :( Thank you!!
  9. T

    UTS vs UNSW (design/communications)

    Hi I am currently a year 12 student (2020) and I'm looking into courses mainly at UTS and UNSW. These are some courses that I'm interested in, does anyone have any info or reviews on them (especially bdes at UTS)? - Bachelor of design (visual communications) @ UTS - Bachelor of communication...
  10. J

    Do employers care about anything in your school record other than academics?

    Hi all :), Back in year 11, I was a pretty bad kid, eventually I got my name on the school's bully list for constantly arguing with a really entitled kid (I don't know if every school does this, I went to a private school (hence why there was a 'really entitled kid')). Things have gotten...
  11. K

    USYD vs UNSW vs UTS Engineering - which uni is the best?

    Hello! I'm a 2019 graduate and I've gotten offers from USYD, UNSW and UTS for a B Engineering(honours)/B Business (eng/med sci at usyd tho). I am planning to major in Electrical Engineering. I have to finalise my decision soon bc classes start in February and I have no clue which uni to attend...
  12. H


    Hi guys I just wanted to know whether if you are looking to do a commerce degree, whether it is better to enroll in Univeristy of Sydney's Dalyell program or is the UNSW Commerce degree better? Thanks for your time in helping me
  13. B

    Admission into UNSW Law with EAS

    Hi everyone, I have recently received notification via uac that: "The residential address you entered in your UAC undergraduate application is identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as being in the lowest 30% of socio-economic disadvantage in Australia (Search abs.gov.au for...
  14. F

    Difference between 2 courses

    Hi there, I was wondering, what is the difference between Business Informarion Systems and Commerce Information Systems at UNSW? THANKS !!!
  15. L

    HSC Subject Selection and Medicine

    I am thinking of doing these subjects for yr 11 Advanced Math Advanced English Japanese Continuers French Beginners Studies of Religion Ancient History Are these subjects good to get a high Atar?, Do they scale well?, What are your opinions on them? I am aiming to do Medicine, and I was also...
  16. M

    Transferring into UNSW Commerce

    Hello, So I want to try get into UNSW commerce but I doubt my ATAR will be high (96) enough to get in. So I was wondering if I could try transfer from a different course into b comm. My only concern is that I won’t be able to transfer enough credits (a years worth) and I’ll have to start the...