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Jan 25, 2022
Hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying your last few days before going back to school!

I completed my HSC in 2021, graduating with a 96 in Business Studies, 94 in Economics and 94 in English Advanced. I solely studied from the below resources in the lead up to my HSC, and solely attribute my results to them. DM me if you would like any samples or any assistance with these subjects at all :)

Business Studies (96)
  • Comprehensive notes for each topic.
    • Compiled from 6+ sources (textbooks, study guides and others' notes), including everything you need to know for each individual dot point of the syllabus.
    • Includes a case study for each dot point (Qantas, McDonalds, Apple or other; whichever best suited the dot point)
  • 'Generic' essay paragraphs for each function (except Finance)
    • In the lead up to Essay assessments, Trials and the HSC, I prepared a paragraph for each applicable dot point in the syllabus, including all relevant theory and case studies. PM for samples.
    • These paragraphs allowed me to synthesise the most important information for each dot point, and demonstrate the use of case studies throughout an essay.
    • In the weeks prior to the HSC, I primarily used these paragraphs to study as they not only prepare you for every possible essay question, but bolster short answer, report and even multiple choice responses.
  • $15 for all notes (or $5 per topic)
  • $20 for generic essays (or $5 per topic)
  • $30 for all resources

Economics (94)
  • Complete essays for every possible question
    • This is the most efficient and effective way to study for economics. Preparation of essays that cover all of the content enables a deeper understanding of the course, preparing students for the entire exam.
    • Received 20/20 for all internal assessments using these essays.
    • PM for samples
  • Comprehensive notes for each topic.
    • These notes were compiled from 3 textbooks (Dixon, Riley and Parsons), as well as numerous study guides and other peoples' notes
    • Include relevant statistics.
  • $15 for all notes (or $5 per topic)
  • $20 for all generic essays
  • $30 for all resources
English Advanced (94)
For English Advanced, I prepared essays that were generic in nature, but that had a fundamental link throughout the essay, such that they were able to be adapted to any possible question. Indeed, I even used this approach for Module C. Throughout my studies I accumulated multiple STATE RANK essays (2+ for each module except Module B). I have been given permission to resell these. As such, I am offering generic essays for the following texts:
  • Common Module: The Crucible
  • Module A: Tempest and Hag-Seed
  • Module B: Goodnight and Good Luck
  • Module C: Generic discursive relating to Handmaid's Tale (including reflection)

  • $10 per module (or $30 for all)
    • Note: this includes 3+ essays per topic (including state rank material).

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