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Selling Textbooks and Extensive Notes For Std English, Biology, Std Maths, Food Technology and Drama (1 Viewer)


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Dec 14, 2019
Hey everyone,

In English Standard, Biology and Standard Mathematics, I am ranked 3rd and in Food Technology and Drama I am ranked 1st. So over the course of the HSC I have made comprehensive notes and collected various resources that were very useful during my HSC year.
Most of my notes are electronic and some are physical textbooks. Here's what I want to sell:

English Standard

Common Module - The Crucible
I have self-made notes that helped me get full marks for my essay. I'm selling them for $5 each.
These notes include summaries, extensive contextual research, quotes and essays.
Selling The Crucible play $10 (Act 1 annotated)

Module A - Henry Lawson's Short Stories
These are great self-made notes on every story being sold for $5 each. These notes include contextual research, essays, sample thesis statements and quotes.
Selling Henry Lawson's Short Stories Book $15

Module B - The Truman Show
I am selling my Truman Show essay for $5.

Module C
I am selling the discursive assignment that gave me full marks for $5. My discursive was based on Helen Garner's 'Dear Mrs Dunkley'.
Deep annotations on Dear Mrs Dunkley, The Pedestrian



Full Course Biology HSC Notes Textbook From ATAR Notes for $15

Year 12 Biology In Focus $20

Pearson Biology Student Book $20

HSC Year 12 Biology Topic Tests Textbook From ATAR Notes for $15


I have extensive notes for ALL modules being sold for $5 each

Maths Standard

CambridgeMATHS Stage 6 Mathematics Standard 1 Year 12 $15
CambridgeMATHS Stage 6 Mathematics Standard 1 Year 11 $15
Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard 2 Year 12 Student book + obook assess $20
Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard 1 Year 12 Student book $15
Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard (Year 11) Student book + obook assess $20
HSC New Century Maths 11 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) $15

Food Technology

Extensive notes for ALL units are being sold $5 each.
Selling my Food Tech assignment on Unit 1 for $5

Textbook: Food Technology In Action Textbook $20


Dramatic Traditions in Australia

Norm and Ahmed notes $5
The Removalists Notes $5
Dramatic Traditions in Australia Essay (FULL MARKS) $5

Studies in Drama - Verbatim

Talking To Terrorists Research Notes $5 each
Parramatta Girls Research Notes $5 each
Studies in Drama - Verbatim Essay $5

Prescribed texts

Talking To Terrorists $10
Parramatta Girls $10

These prices are open to negotiation. Email me at faith.edeko1@gmail.com if you're interested! Here I will send photos of my resources if requested.


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