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  • Yep, I'm addicted so some K-Pop songs now. Planning to go the Big Bang concert in Sydney in November.
    yea i'm doing 1151 this semester. we should meet up next lecture or something LOL never met a boser out of school before
    bahaha, well, if that's what they find as enjoyment in life, so let them be :L

    when are you going to crossover?
    hi sorry just to clarify, i actually did neg you for a reason -- if you read the reason provided it will explain my distaste for kpop and i disagree with what you were saying in regards to kpop

    sorry for the misunderstanding. i was under the impression that i provided a reason in the box but upon further reflection i might not have. try contacting the moderators to see if this was an error in the system.

    have a nice day and congratulations on your high rep!

    it is pretty good isn't it, a true kpop fan i see. most ppl would read it as a horrible mix of m's n's e's and o's lol :) i'm planning to do either korean, mandarin or japanese at unsw, luckily we have GenEds eh otherwise i'd be stuck at unsw a year longer doing arts
    Yep I did. I'm doing Intermediate Korean A and I changed my timetable around. I don't have Fridays off anymore :( But I do have Mondays off :D Downside is that, I have a three hour break on Thursday and only one lecture on wednesday morning so that sucks. On the other hand, my classes are close to each other whereas my old timetable, the classes were like on the north and south end.
    I answered and sent in the application for intermediate Korean but they haven't responded yet. How long did you have to wait. It's only he'd a couple of days for me.
    Yeah my chinese is really rusty. I speak cantonese at home - but I can't practise much since most of my family live overseas. That's why, I'm not sure which level of chinese to choose, because I speak cantonese as well. Have you completed the placement interview?
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