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  • hi m8. you seem like quite the mathemagician what're you doing in uni?

    Oh engineering I see..........

    is it fun? i'm not sure hwat to do in uni tbqh
    Yeah, finding a balance is the key ^^
    OOoo structural engineering. I was thinking of geotechnical but i'll decide later XD

    2 hours? Gah :/

    Wow, living right near the campus must be sweet. You're a lucky man!

    Quite the party animal are you? :p

    220k+? Jesus. I suppose i should pick to specialise in construction management then come 2nd year? XD

    Yeah, it takes just over 1hr to get to UNSW =='

    Oh, so at Melb. Uni you just pick engineering in general and decide later, sort of like flexible entry i suppose in NSW ^^

    Hehehe, that's a high % I bet you're going to enjoy money :p

    Yes, i'm very excited! I can't wait to meet other people interested maths + physics like me ^_^

    My timetable is in my sig, it's quite clutterd but i'm glad i don't have to wake up early often and i always have lunch!

    just a random message saying HELLO i work at an engineering company
    obv not as an engineer lol. sup admin
    mate i don't know if i'm going to melbourne uni, i haven't been given an offer, i don't know why, i got an enter of 91.7 and passed all prerequisites, what's going on here?
    Nah no worries mate. Yeah I eventually put down Melbourne Uni purely because it’s closer. I live in the western suburbs so it takes me a while to get to Monash in Clayton. I figured that both universities are just as good as each other. Yeah I’m not sure about the ‘New Melbourne Model’ as well. I don’t like how it’s set out; with the change from a Bachelor of Science to Master of Engineering in particular. Also I’m quite conservative so I don’t like trying new things. So yeah I went for Bachelor of Engineering like you. I’m trying to get an Under Graduate Scholarship in the ADF in which you have to do Bachelor of Engineering so that took out any doubt in which pathway to choose. So yeah should see you there. :)
    Thanks for the recommendation Addikaye! Although my school isn't highly ranked (196th) but np :). Maybe someday you can provide a tall person with gym tips. I want to gym, but I'm not sure where to start. MSN? haha.

    And all the best with engo ;).
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