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    That forum is basically a maths nerds biggest dream...I love it, always learning something new, another way to do something, and meeting incredible people.
    I keep BOS forum away from others, since everyone knows shit about me on BOS...

    As for AMOW, yeah, it's lame
    Look, I don't give a shit if you copy solutions for members, that's nice, but consider that a lesson in citation...
    Yeah we went in on the sunday a week before uni started (the day before o-week started). I'm not sure about the other colleges though, it seems pretty stupid not to let your freshers settle into college straight away.

    what school did you go to?
    Yeah i'm doing straight science at melbourne uni, hoping to major in physiology or anatomy or something like that. I'm staying at a college as well, its awesome. Which college you planning on going to?
    whoa, no need for the gargantuan explanation, I was trying to spread rep, your post just happened to fall on the neg side rather than the pos side.
    The neg was for the invalid conclusion, something along the lines of you and gurmies found it the hardest, therefore it is hardest.
    okay, addison. It was my wrong doing. I really took this issue wrongly.

    I apologise for my poor reaction.
    Addikaye! Out of curiosity, what made you decide to choose engineering? I'm still contemplating on whether to pursue is it as a degree if I don't get into Med.

    Cheers man! Happy mathing =).
    The Senior papers i posted on the forum (the senior ones are the ones with the "s" on the end. And the only solutions i have are the ones i posted. I do have all the National Papers from 2004 and 2005 and the AMO paper from 2006. Which national papers are you interested? AMOC, AIMO, AMO?
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