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  • ohhhhh engineering aye, engineering was my second career option if i dun get in to med xD xD
    and LOL im guessing u live southern NSW ..??? and ty for the hope xD

    hmmmmmmmmm in MX2 i felt i cud have done better, but im feeling i got around 107/120, so still a mark i am very happy with =]]] and in MX1 well im not sure (i dun remember 8marks worth of answers lol), but i know i got above 75/84 (after checkin those terry lee answers), so thats something im pretty happy with xD xD

    how bout you???
    Thanks for the rep, man! It wouldn't let me give you rep on your reply to the High ATAR thread, so I thought I'd say thanks here. I couldn't agree with your post more btw.
    ummmm ima aiming for undergrad medicine at UNSW first preference and then UNCLE second, hbu man?????

    LOLLLLLLLLLL if there was a group it wud be the FUCKEN MOST POPULAR group in the history of BoS !!!!! lol
    ROFL, it's fine, and yeah, he does that. It's part of his Bos-Bukkake-Buddies duties ;) and plus lol your rep came out positive so thanks <3 ahahahaha.
    hey addison mate. I have the paper in actual form...damn ><
    wish i could scan this but it won't be possible...sorry man.
    hey addison, in the maths syllabus, it says: Prove that there area always two square roots of a non zero complex number. well, I know that there are always two square roots of a complex number, but does the syllabus require me to prove that? If so, how? Thanks mate :D
    hey could you send me morial solutions 01,02,03? (if you have them) thanksmy email is jcrash321[at]hotmail[dot]com
    Yeah man, sorry about before, but I love to troll occasionally =P
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