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    If you major in Maths you don't need to pick between pure and applied, so if you like both you can do a mix, I was planning on mixing. I think you only have to pick for honours, but second year units are a mix so you can make up your mind then ^_^

    Yeah, just take physics to try it out, but no guarantee you'll like it because you like maths, because I didn't haha
    and doing Science you get electives so you can always take a super random unit you think might be interesting like art history or a language or something if something else at the uni seems interesting to you, so don't restrict yourself
    also, you can major in something non-science for your second major so don't even wozzah
    yeah... uws ctown is shit for maths. unless you're super into stats :/

    What sort of stuff are you interested in?
    I'm sure I know someone I can ask about some societies you might like and then you can go and meet people and then have fun and stuff ^_^

    You can always take both and then not take another subject, you're already a few subjects behind another one won't hurt, and then you can decide whether you want to do discrete maths in second year or not, and if you hate stats you can always drop it and still meet your 12 CP of maths quota ^_^
    Well, you could always do full time this sem and then if you don't like full-time try part time and go like 1 or 2 days a week and then do something else on the side like a research project or get a job or something else that would add a bit of experience that you might enjoy more

    but afaik, you should be fine, don't stress too much, uni is supposed to be fun, join a society and make friends and ~lyf~ :p

    Yeah, you too, I hope last sem went well for you too. Do you think you went well in maths and it could be a possible major?
    I was thinking of majoring in Maths as well back when I was at USyd :p
    When did you withdraw? Do you still have to pay? I have no money so I wouldn't have done that, haha, that's why I didn't drop stats last year, but I still failed so it was a waste anyways. I guess the whole year was a waste pretty much, but I had fun. :p
    If you finish mid-year you can probably graduate at the end of the year instead of middle next year so you'll be fine, but you'll probably finish later because you might change your mind and stuff again, a whole bunch of my friends from usyd are going to finish like a year or more later because they don't know exactly which subjects to take and stuff, I guess the good thing about med is that all our subjects are picked for us
    like, when i was at uni i wanted to do philosophy and stuff but there wasn't enough time in my degree if i wanted to finish with two majors and have a chance at umelbs med with their prereqs and stuff
    Yeah, credit is good, I just expected a pass, I've done shit all work all year so it's gr8 ^_^
    I'm hopefully going to pick up my game this sem to get a D because I want to be able to do honours, but I'm pretty lazy and our grade is smarter than the previous grades for some reason. Ugh.
    Like 72 was the average for this semester.
    I was like wot even?!

    but they said "we're gonna scale you all down at the end of the year" so... good...
    I didn't like Chem last year, or physics and I didn't do bio first sem, and when I didn MBLG second sem that was when I didn't go to classes.
    but yeah, at uni everything is like:
    Bio turns into weird chem
    chem turns into weird physics
    physic turns into weird maffs
    so if you like maffs you ~should~ like physics (I didnt)

    Med is gr8
    I'm really lazy though, so I don't do much of the work, but free credit average, woOah!
    I need to manage my time better though. I have like a different person everyday instead of having people after each other on the same day and then having free afternoons to do stuff on other days. #fwp

    How're you going?
    I think they'll tell us that when we get there... And by that I mean, I hope they tell us when we get there because I. Don't. Know. At all. ^_^

    Well, the get a BSc(Adv) you need a distinction average in BSc with AT LEAST 12CP of advanced intermediate units and 24CP of advanced senior units.
    There is no "transfer" from BSc to BSc(Adv) unless you go through UAC.
    But if you're already in BSc(Adv) you only need a credit average. ^_^

    Yeah, not TMI. I'm the same atm. I haven't had sex in like a month or two. :/
    That's fine. I was only there for like a few hours anyways. :p

    Well, I have all the shit tutorial times so I have 9-5 with three hours of break Monday, day off Tuesday, 3 hour break 9-4 on Tuesday ~2 hours in the hospital on Thursday, and 8-4 with a 2 hour break on Friday.
    So it's pretty good.
    I think it's different because it's an undergrad programme based on a grad one so the first two years are pretty light with a lot of self-study and the last three are really intense and awful. :/
    I mean — FUN!
    I just want to party 5eva. You can start work early if you want... :/

    Nah, I quit maccas in like July. I just tutor now, which is good because I get ~$200 a week from that atm, and I'm getting more students. (I'll probably stop that though because I think I might actually start studying this year)

    Lol, uni students have sex. lol. A LOT of HS students have sex. :p
    OMG! WHAT?!
    Why didn't you come to the meat? It was like 2pm at Manning.
    Yeah, you may as well. :p

    That might just be that it doesn't have the optional special lecture you can go to (it's compulsory for 1903 and isn't helpful).
    Yeah, Bucky Ball was good. The ticket was $40 and alcohol was free so I drank a lot more than I would've paid for. YAY!

    You could probably ask a few different members on here like Carrotsticks, Obvious, et al. (I was going to say jet but he's gone). I don't really know what it entails, I just know 1903 just has extra reports and lectures for no reason.
    Yeah, SciSoc is good, I went to all of their events in second semester, it was pretty fun and I met some peeps.

    Yes. lol. It's a billion times better than the show.
    I don't know yet.

    But like, the main thing you will meet people at is your classes.
    But also if you join societies you'll meet a lot of people through that.

    So don't worry too much about meeting people in stuff at O-Week, usually that is reserved for people doing a degree with ~40 people in it. (Like for my orientation for Biomed engg (I never spoke to any of those people ever again))
    You won't meet anyone there.

    Places you'll meet people:
    - BoS OWeek meet
    - First Lectures/Tutorials/Practicals/Laboratories
    - Randomly
    And you'll probs sit in the same table for chem/physics tutorials (by choice) because the people you meet in the first week should be pretty alright.
    And I know people in first sem made good friends in bio labs (I didn't do bio first sem, lol)
    The bio/general science one wasn't good.
    I was told the chem one was funny because they did an experiment and set off the fire alarm and everyone had to evacuate.

    The science one was in Eastern Avenue Auditorium (the biggest lecture theatre) and it was overfull and I sat on the stairs and I couldn't leave because there was no way to get out and it was so boring so like everyone around me was just talking and stuff because it was just so boring and grose.
    Yeah, but 1911 would be easier than 1903 anyways. 1903 is just extra, unnecessary work (from what I've been told an have read)
    Nope. As long as you've done 12CP of junior chem, 12CP of junior Phys or psyc, MBLG1001, 12CP of junior maffs (including a stats unit), you should be set.

    Well, that's fine. They aren't stellar but they're solid. (Top mark for Physics in 2011 at our old school was 80 so like, you still beat them :p)
    And like I was convinced that you couldn't do CHEM1001/1002 if you had done HSC Chem?!?!~**~~**
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