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  • Yeah, well technically I'm ~borrowing~ mum's atm, so I'll give hers back :p

    I think I prefer the bigger size because I misplace smaller things, and also typing is better for because I can be fast and clumsy and hit the right keys about 70% of the time still. Haha.
    I think I need an attachable keyboard thing for that reason
    I'm still going to the O-Week thing (unless some med thing is on that day... should look into that) so we can catch up then :)
    Have you thought of majoring maths? I remembered that you used to like maths. Did you go well in 3U (or 4U)? I'd say probably do regular units in first year if you got below 80 in 4U, but if you got above 80 in 3U and you apply yourself you could go well enough in the regular units to swap up later or major in maths.
    Typically I would say not to do COSC1003 because it was a 3CP subject and you would need to do another 3CP subject to fill up units or you would need to just overload to do it, BUT they've changed it to a 6CP subject which is good, so yeah, you could do that if you were confident in your computing skills. Afaik it is MATLAB and C so they aren't the most challenging languages if you are still good with stuff like that then give it a go.
    PHYS1500 is just an interest subject that isn't very challenging and I've been told that it is like an arts subject in the science faculty as it involves more knowing things and recognising them when given a few details/pictures rather than working stuff out and extrapolating.
    So I don't know. It's up to you. You probably won't end up majoring in molecular bio (it is terrible) so likel I guess COSC is good to keep your options open.
    yeah , the advisor lady talked me into BIOl1002. But ill probably change with enrolment variation.
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