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  • If you did well in Bio in duh HSC you should've done BIOL1911!1! (you need 80 in bio to get into it)

    supplementary course? Like bridging course??? That's only for like people that didn't do the hsc that want (or need) to do CHEM1101 or 1001 at uni and they haven't done chem in the HSC. There's no point doing it after you do 1001 and 1002.
    Well, I think they scale it so that it's comparative to do well in any of them.

    But if you work hard you could do well in PHYS1002
    But my friend would've gotten close to full marks and he only got like 88 or something.
    But if you're only aiming for like 75-80 you should be sah-weet.
    That's true, because you do need a 75 WAM for the second year MedSc entry.
    But they usually restrict the higher marks to people in PHYS1901/1001 over 1002. I know of one person getting a HD in 1002 last year and he was like a genius.
    Everyone else I knew got a mid credit or lower and some of them got like Ds and HDs in Advanced Maths. ~~*~*~*~
    But, you need calc in physics, dat's da point of things, right?!!/1!?1

    But like, for MedSc you shouldn't need higher than fundies BUT people usually get bored in fundie physics because it's a lot easier than reg.
    Oh yeah, but week 1 you'll probably talk to people and be looking around the uni and stuff and etc.

    and yeah, those units look fine, but you'll probs change PHYS1004 to 1003 in sem 2 after you get your 1002 marks.

    Here's a timetable I made for your units for this sem.
    If it looks better than your current one then swap. ^_^
    (you should've asked me to make you a timetable before they came out)
    Oh god. Mr. Todd. I dropped that class after year 11.
    He had NO IDEA.
    All year my friends in the class were like "Yeah, I'm going to do so well, I'm coming first/second/whatever." and I was just like "The top 7 apart from first dropped after year 11... everyone left is in general maths except Alex..."
    The top mark was 80.
    I was happy. Lol

    You'll work it out when you get there, you get used to the trains and stuff pretty fast.
    People usually study on the train because it's like an hour. I found my time was more useful sleeping/on the internet so don't feel bad if you don't use the time to study. haha
    lol okay.
    Okay brah. Physics is disgusting though. Ew.

    Yeppers. During peak hour trains go straight to/leave straight from redfern.
    And otherwise you can go to wolli creek and swap there, or central and get a bus to/from there.
    BIOL1001 is easier and a rehash of HSC (do 1911 if you want to do 1001 (I assume you got above 80 in HSC bio???)) but 1003 opens more doors for anatomy stuff.

    (oh yeah, I forgot PHYS1002 was fundies in first sem)

    Yeah, MBLG is horribad, but you might need it for pharmacology and stuff if you want to major in stuff like that so it's a useful unit to have.
    Lol, anywhere from 4-8 there are a lot of people on the train.
    It's nothing to worry about.
    I used to come home on the train at like 10 and later some nights because of extra-curriculars. It's nothing to worry about ^_^
    Also, about labs.
    CHEM1001/2 labs you can probably do a daytime lab (10am-1pm) if you can fit it into your timetable (I can do an example timetable if you tell me your units).
    Same for PHYS1001/2.

    But MBLG1001 is only in the afternoon afaik. At least for advanced it was.
    Then probably do PHYS1500. Haha

    I just remembered from like forever ago that you were interested in computers, but if you aren't much of a programmer then it probably won't be that great. :p

    So what are you set on doing now?



    Well, COSC gives you very helpful computer knowledge which is relevant to mostly any major in the physics/engineering/biology/maths sectors, whereas PHYS1500 is not a prerequisite for any thing and all the stuff you learn in it you learn later but better if you do astrophysics subjects.
    But either way I assume they're both WAM boosters.
    well, the first topic is mechanics/motion/kinematics and stuff, second is thermodynamics, and third is motion again, but like harmonic and stuff.
    Yeah, the work would deffs only be for mining companies so if you wouldn't want to do that then don't.
    You'd have to live far away for long periods of time and stuff so ew.
    But yeah, I did PHSY1001 in first semester (I didn't do HSC physics) I went to about half the classes. The tutorials are compulsory and I found them completely USELESS but you have to go to get 2% of your mark.
    The pracs were very boring to me. Some were okay, but they just seemed a bit too grose. They're more mathematical and stuff and working with the equipment then they are anything else.
    But if you enjoy physics you'll probably enjoy it and it does compliment first semester chemistry very well, with both of their second topics being thermodynamics.
    And also the first topic is mechanics so if you were good at that in 4U then you'll be good at this.
    There isn't that much english at all it's more mathsy and actual law-based and problem-solving, which was the main plus to the course.
    I do too!!

    I have a matte sort of screen protector that does make the screen slightly darker (I just turn the brightness up a bit more than usually) but it stops fingerprints and stuff. :3
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