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    Time ??

    Is the time on the site wrong ?? Cuz at the mo, it says its half an hr behind what it really is...and i think another time it was even more out of it just me or is it wrong??
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    ......and how dumb was that 10 mark nutrition evaluation Q on the individual/society impact or whateva it was!! 10 marks for one question in a short answer....i thought that was waaaaay dodgy....especially cuz our teacher says that if something is worth 2 marks=you need at least 4 points, 4...
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    Yep, i did the active non-nutrient Q as well....i think i musta chose like the opposite essay Q's than everyone else, cuz at my skl, everyone did the media/social influence nutrition Q plus the food maunfacture one...but i did food product development...i think im betta at that than food...
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    have any of you's used the UAI calculator thing? OMG, when i did it, food tech waz scaled down soooooo much compared to everything else!!!
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    by the waaaay!! woo hoo -- im finished ---- yaaaaay!!!! :D good luck everybodeeee else :D:D
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    I thought food tech was heaps good!! I luckily studied the right stuff!!! :p um, for that Q 17 a), it meant drivers as in REASONS for food development. i did that question and i wrote like consumer needs (health, social and cultural) specific purposes (military/space foods) to make a profit, to...
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    Who loves their Business Studies teacher?

    all i can say is.......nooooooo waaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
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    How did you find/hear about us?

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    What do your teachers think of us???

    yeh!! my techers love it...our english teacher is always going on about it n how we should be getting on it and getting all the practice questions n stuff to practice and practice and practice.... :(
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    Anybody Looking At Queensland Uni's ??

    ANYBODY LOOKING AT QUEENSLAND UNI'S ?? im hoping to get into QUT in Brissy...anybody else heading north, or is everyone staying in NSW ?? ........... I also applied for Griffith, UQ, and USQ, but i think QUT is the best!! :D
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    Paper 2: general

    yeh, i was rapt with question one especially. I cant believe how general the whole paper waz!!! everyone waz happy as with it!!
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    harder than trial?

    i think it was easier then the independent trial....waaaaaaaay easier!!!! But then again, afta i did the trial i thought that was easy...but my marks were, well, :eek: ......................
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    How many pages for ur extended responses????

    yep, i have the same prob ALLLLL the way, so dont worry!! every single exam i ran outta time!!! :(