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  • hahah the fighter died a long time ago bro. It sucks how i'm on the verge of my last exam yet i cannot be bothered studying.
    physics left (2nd nov)
    I was always against me doing med, but I was thinking last night, It actually comes with a really good lifestyle. But meh, shall stick to commerce :)

    hope you smash your tests and get that .95 for med! :D
    so far. 1MC wrong
    - didn't do the 2 mark proving congruent triangle for circle geo.
    - 1 mark off probability.
    - 1 off projectile. (SIN 180- THETA. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
    overall, quite happy, but seriously, looked at the test, was hoping to get a bit higher :/
    hopefully no sillies though :(
    LOL 4u scaling is overkill man some guy uploaded his raw marks last year. 59/120 to like 86 or 89 aha.
    mid 70s/100 should be around 95 right? But I guess new format so things will change.
    Man 3u, Ill be happy with band 6 :D. perms and combs :( I suck at the hard ones. hope the test is packed with binomial theorem + motions + anything other than perms and combs.
    was 4u MC hard? 2u MC was much easier than trials, hope 3u will be similar.
    LOL. i was JUST about to ask you haha.
    It was good man, left out 1 mark in last question to check paper and eliminate most sillies.
    hopefully 98/99 raw :) --> which will scale to 95 :p
    how was 4u?
    was it difficult compared to last year?
    Hey aysce,

    I'll PM you a list of books that we got from school. Do you have an email you could PM me? I'll send you a reading list that has a HUGE number of interesting books about the 'human spirit'.
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