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  • All depends on my ATAR lol (hopefully 95-97.5)
    UNSW looks more "updated" usyd reminds me of hogwarts so hmm.
    I haven't been to UNSW yet but been to usyd numerous times so might have some attachments there :p
    I'm bengali :p but close enough
    You are an exception, nothing sad ahah, i would have done the same thing If I was as passionate.
    are you doing UNSW or usyd? (I don't mind either, but I would prefer Usyd)
    I thought it became natural for me too until I started watching tv shows on the net after 3u finished and didn't touch a book for 5 days. Started studying for physics yday though. Holidays hmm, I will aim for a balance. Some people start studying for uni to "get ahead"? thats too much haha. If you happen to accidentally stuff up an operation, I'll take your case brah ;)

    oh btw, last few days I've learnt to appreciate taylor swift's cuteness. (youtube stalking her)
    to be completely honest, I'm not certain yet what I want to do. Still contemplating. I think I'm more of a comm or law type person. (I can make you buy a $5 pen for $50 :p). But lately med seems kind of attractive, but obviously must work extremely hard in uni If i pick med science to get in (7 year course D:). It will defs be hard if someone isn't passionate. around what does your average mark or whatever have to be to earn interview + gamsat for med?
    don't you have to do bridging course for med science - requires chem doesn't it?
    chem course comes in handy at uni apparently so it would be wise to learn :)

    wait, so you finished your exams already? D:
    Yeah bro just finished :p. And i found my determination in the morning :) (woke up at 5).

    Keep on going, you're on the home straight!!
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